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Airborne Rangers!!! Year in review


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PRESEASON OUTLOOK There was a lot to like, I think most figured this could be the year they challenged for a playoff spot. I had them and the Kings as the two tams on the rise and figured they could if everything broke right make a run.


FINAL RECORD 52-24-6 110 points second place in the Metro. Knocked off the Penguins in an absolutely fun filled seven game series, agruably the best series in the playoffs so far in terms of entertainment value, Upset Division winning Carolina in a tough fought seven game series before bowing out in six games in the conference finals to the Lightning.


HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR The whole year. Okay, maybe not but the start they had, they lost the first two then won four in a row after an 0-1-2stretch they caught fire, beginning with a 4-3 win over Florida on November four straight and eleven of twelve and after crushing the Hawks 6-2 on December 7th they sat at 17-4-3 and they never looked back on their way to an absolutely brilliant season.


LOW POINT OF THE YEAR. gAME 3 AGAINST THE the Bolts, up two games to none, the Rags jumped up early 2-0 and Tampa kept digging, tying it late in the third and then Palat won it with 42 seconds to go in regulation. The young talented but playoff inexperienced Rangers didnt exactly collapse after that but they seemed to play out the final three games of the series as if they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. They managed only 3 total goals scored in the final 3 games combined, being outscored 9-3 in those games. Losing game 3 in the final 42 seconds was a dagger to this team. They were simply missing the pieces needed to recover.


WHAT WENT RIGHT Shester had an amazing season and will win the Vezina and is in the final three for the Hart. The bread man delivered in a big way he is not the sniper he once was but his on ice vision for the perfect pass is as god as anyones. Kreider came out of nowhere to produce 52 goals. Zibenajad was a point a game player and a great faceoff guy. Fox was a point a game blueliner who had 33 power play assists. Strome was hs usual steady self, Goodrow in a supporting role was very good, Andrew Copp came aboard and was the missing link to the team, Lafrenniere showed flashes with 19 goals some of which were highlight reel material. Trouba, K'Ande Miller and Lindgren were amaziing in shut down roles and all could contribute a bit of offense when needed. If Georgiev is not the best backup goalie in the game today he will certainly do. Vatrana was a great midseason add. Gerard Gallant proved to be the perfect hire and gets the nod as one of the leagues best coaches.


WHAT WENT WRONG Secondary scoring was a huge massive p[roblem all year, they relied way to much on Kreider, Panarin and Zibby and got to little from the bottom part of the lineup. those three combined had 103 goals, the rest of the forwards on the team COMBINED had the same amount which led to other teams just lying in wait for the top line especialy in the conference finals. When Zibenajad goes to put on his pajamas he will likely find Anthony Cirelli already wearing them, Cireli shut that top line it seemed almost single handed in the final four games, he covered Zibby like a wet blanket and when you shut that line down the Rangers lose-period. For all the talk of the kid line in the playoffs Kakk0 still has not developed and is looking like a flop and Chytil is ok, but nothing special. Too many guys like Nemeth, McGegg, Rooney, Gauthier played every night when they simply are not quality NHLers and the last three mentioned are really AHL players in disguise. The Buchnevich deal was a disaster, he flourished in a secondary role for the Blues and Blais, the guy he came over for was injured and was a non factor. I submit the biggest reason they are not still playing is secondary scoring, if Buchnevich were still a Ranger I think they might still be playing with his 76 points in 73 games I say they not only might but they likely would have beat the Bolts so IMHO they lost the ser conference finals back in July of last year when they made that awful deal. 


STRANGE STAT OF THE YEAR Adam Fox set an all time record with 33 power play assists and zero power play goals, the most PPAssists for anyone ever without a single power play goal in the same year to show for it. Kreider had a strange one as well, he is the oldest first time 50 goal scorer in league history, and in his first nine years in the league his previous high was only 28. For those who remember the steroid era in baseball, it reminds me of when a fine little ball player named Brady Anderson roided up and became a huge ball player hitting 50 dingers one year more than his previous three seasons combined. NOT SAYING Kreider is on Roids, just saying his 50 goal season in context of his career stands out like a sore thumb. 

 Something that sticks out to me is just how Brilliant Shesterkin and Georgiev were, this team was lousy in the dot, 8th from the bottom in faceoffs, they were the only 100 point team to be outshot during the regular season, outshot by an average of 31-29 nightly. in fact, their shots for per game was fifth from the bottom ahead of the leagues worst four teams only. Their peripheral  numbers were awful for a good team if that makes sense. 


DRAFT PICKS AND FREE AGENTS they dont have a first or a third this year and already have dealt their 3rd, 4th nd 5th next year as well.

  Free agency is a huge concern, what to do about Andrew Copp who was such a brilliant fit but never came close tot he same numbers in his career in Winnipeg. Do you role it out for a 5X5 type of deal or let him walk after a massive payout to the Jets. Ryan Strome simply must be resigned as an UFA, Vatrana was great in a secondary role and they must push for him as well. Late season add Braun likely wont be invited back on the back end.


  RANGERS TOP PROSPECTS Vilali Kravtsov signed two days ago to come to North America and the hope is he will settle into a middle six scoring role. Zac Jones can move the puck on the back end and will replace either Braun or Nemeth and fantastic prospect Nils Lundkvist will replace the other. joining recently graduated Braden Schneider to give the Rangers three talented hungry young defenseman. They are not loaded with a half dozen prospects ready to step in but the ones they have are almost certain to make an impact.


OFFSEASON OUTLOOK The Rangers must resign at the LEAST one of Copp or Strome and probably both. If both walk along with Vatrana their goes the entire secondary scoring. Georgiev is rattling his sword wanting out believing that he will never push shesterkin and take the startig role and he wants to start somewhere. They had a brilliant run but the check is due withtheir lack of picks. 

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My favorite line of this post:
".....When Zibenajad goes to put on his pajamas he will likely find Anthony Cirelli already wearing them, ...." 😄


From the goalie and blueline perspective, I think these Rangers are well set for the foreseeable.

Igor Shesterkin is the man there, no doubt. Alex Georgiev may or may not be a viable NHL starter, and I think he should be given the chance to see, but it WON'T be on the Rangers.

Solid top 4 blueliners:
--Adam Fox...I think everyone knows about him know, lots to like, moves the puck, scores, sets guys up, defends well, basically does it all.

--Jacob Trouba.. Hard hitting 28 yr old veteran. His hard style of play may see his wheels fall off at some point, but for the next couple seasons anyways, he is solid and a terror on that blueline.

--Ryan Lindgren... Another hard hitter, has a bit of 'agitator' in him, definitely takes his job of keeping people away from Shester very seriously. Decision making could be better at times, but hard to hold that against him at just 24 yrs old when that is coachable and he does other things well.


--K'Andre Miller... Becoming one of my favorite non-fandom team defensemen in the league. I've seen this guy grow in bunches from the time the season started to their final game in the Conference title game, and he is very impressive, seems very intelligent.
He won't ever be a big producer like Adam Fox, but he will get in some scoring, he seems to cover well and reads plays pretty well for a 22 yr old blue liner in the world's best hockey league, and could, in about 3 or 4 years time, be THE premiere combination shut down/assist type defenseman every team likes to have.

Rangers have these guys under contract long term already (Fox, Trouba), the next two seasons (Lindgren), and one season with an RFA status coming up (K'Andre). 
NY should do all they can to retain Lindgren and Miller....then find some serviceable vets to round out the bottom pairings, currently occupied by Patrik Nemeth (2 years left), and Justin Braun (UFA...who likely will be allowed to walk anyways).

If the Rangers continue to make good front office moves, and players continue to develop without too much regression from the grizzled vets, I see no reason why they can't at least return to an East Finals once again next year.

Thanks for the post, Mr. @yave1964 

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There are many players on this team that we all know what they provide to the Rangers. Zibanejad, Bread Man, Kreider, Fox Shesterkin. They are all going to do what they do game in and game out. 


In the playoffs there were two Rangers that really shined and stepped up and they were K'Andre Miller and Flilip Chytil. Miller seemed to shine in all aspects of the game while Chytil was the center of a very successful 3rd line(The Kid Line) for the Rangers. These are just a few of the players who are the future of the Rangers. This team is set up to continue to be successful for years to come. 

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