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Comcast Sports Philadelphia Going to Peacock in 2023


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I saw this piece and a similar piece in the Inquirer.  




I am unsure how this plays out.  I have Comcast cable, which automatically comes with the mid-tier Peacock option.  That is maximum content with ads.  The highest tier requires 5 bucks a month to go ad-free; anybody can sign up for the base-level Peacock which has less content and ads.  But it's unclear if "Generic" Peacock will carry out-of-market Flyers games. 


Not being in Greater Philly, I wonder how this will play out?  The Inquirer article noted that in the other four metros where Comcast has made this decision, the out-of-market games are tough to follow.  I've been following the Flyers via Center Ice, which is priced at less than half of what it used to be (69 bucks versus 149 to 169 just a few years ago).  I am wondering if this move is going to force the locals as well as the out-of-market fans to get some type of subscription?  I also wonder if Center Ice disappears?  The other possibility is being forced into some overarching sports package or another streaming service altogether? Bottom line:  it looks like Fall, 2023 is going to bring change to how we watch Flyers hockey, particularly for out-of-market games and fans.




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Apparently, there's nationwide Peacock version at $150 annually that would allow home and away.  


Consumer Reports notes that many people cut the cord, then commit to a lot of streaming services that cost as much as their prior cable gig.  The crackdown on password sharing is going to mean even higher cost, or less viewing.  


I've often wondered how many people get Center Ice or the NHL version to watch multiple teams or to binge watch?  I don't care to watch other teams that much. But I guess some might enjoy that.  I suspect some of us will be forced into another streaming service to watch the O and B, assuming they're worth watching.



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