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Minnesota Wild vs Boston Bruins, Saturday 3-18-23, 1:00pm, Xcel Energy Center


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Just now, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

Man, Gustavsson is making my decisions in fantasy hockey real difficult.

I play in a keeper league and I have 4 goalies... 2 of which I need to decide to keep, the other two to drop to the re-draft.
I have Gus, Fleury, Husso from Detroit, and Demko from Vancouver.

My initial thought was, keep Husso and Demko. Fleury will be dropped back into the redraft, but man, I am thinking Gus will be THE main starter next season and I should keep him.

So cool, calm, collected in net, has a good defensive structure in front of him...
Dammit Gustavsson! You are stressing me out with your outstanding play! :biggrin:

Keep Gus for sure then it's between Husso and Demko

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2 minutes ago, ClusterChuck said:

Hmmm...Who should I call out next?
Hey Boldy, You can't pass so much against the B's D's especially on the PP.
Shoot more !!

Hey Merrill how about you actually contribute in a positive manner and score one for OUR team.

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11 minutes ago, bbgarnett said:

Hey Merrill how about you actually contribute in a positive manner and score one for OUR team.

He has looked lost a lot lately.
Whenever Brodin and Midds get back, I'd rather see Gogs (for experience) with Addison and let Merril sit a few games.

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5 minutes ago, Brewin Flames said:

Didn't realize Minny was on a 14 game tear....


Gus and MAF on fire.


Yea, it's been a total team effort for sure. This group can't afford any floaters....fortunately, it looks like we don't have any of those at the moment.
Plus our goaltending tandem has been solid to great.

Scoring overall is still a problem, but the team is winning close games and that is the bottom line.

Your Bruins are a measuring stick for us, but, at the same time, the Wild are a measure of what Boston will be facing in the post season....tough, physical, don't give too much, and always in their face.

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Keep an eye on that Garnett Hathaway.

He has been going at it verbally with Reaves, Shaw, and someone else too.
I get the feeling he is looking to start something up.

Of course, never put it past Reaves to stir the pot, and even initiate something himself.
But Garnett has looked particularly frisky this game...

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