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Tampa Bay: Bally Sports Complaint

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Bally Sports. The Lightning need to find another source to carry their TV games. Bally Sports is the worst and their app is constantly down so we can’t watch Lightning games 

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6 minutes ago, David said:

Bally Sports. The Lightning need to find another source to carry their TV games. Bally Sports is the worst and their app is constantly down so we can’t watch Lightning games 


Welcome to our boards David.

Hmmm...I've never had an issue with Bally Sports broadcasts.
Granted, I've never tried their app, so maybe that is different, but the actual broadcast channel has been fine for me and haven't heard of anyone else complain about the actual network.

Now, if the PROVIDER you are using isn't so hot, maybe that is the issue?

I have Centre Ice through Comcast.
While I feel Bally Sports is ok, Comcast is NOT....but, sadly I am stuck with them for reasons I won't go into here.

I've gone round and round with them from everything to stuttering feeds, to not being able to access certain games (I watch games league wide), to even resolution issues!!
And of course, NO ONE at Comcast customer service speaks English as their first language, so most have no idea what I am talking about when I try calling them.

But anyways, yea, Comcast makes my experience with watching games, especially out of state games (I am in Minnesota currently), which of course, I rely on to watch my Bolts on Bally Sports, less than ideal, but Bally Sports themselves? No issue...at least not via the TV or our desktop that I use to watch games regularly on.

Look around our boards, see if you like some other topics and join in on any discussions there.
Would be nice to have another Bolts fan stick around!

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In addition to a streaming service for a fair price, the Golden Knights went back to broadcasting their games over-the-air locally, and the ratings are through the roof. Who would have figured that making things easy for the fans would help?




Before the 2023-2024 NHL season began, the Golden Knights ended their relationship with their previous local cable partner, AT&T SportsNet, to move to a free, over-the-air partner with Scripps Sports, and so far, the move is bringing in extraordinary results.


Through five regionally televised games, Scripps Sports is averaging a household rating of 8.5, which is a 135% increase when compared to all major telecasts last season. The most-watched game of the season came when the Knights beat the Dallas Stars in a shootout on October 21st that averaged a 10.5 rating. These numbers come with the great start to the season that the Golden Knights have had on the ice, with a 9-0-1 start.


In addition, the Golden Knights streaming service, KnightTime+, has averaged around 1 million minutes of streaming for each week of the season, so far. For comparison, this is around 10,000 viewers a week watching games through the streaming service.


Currently, the Golden Knights and the Coyotes are the only NHL teams airing games over-the-air with zero cost for consumers (though the Coyotes broadcasts are not quite as accessible over-the-air as the Golden Knights broadcasts). With these results, along with more teams across different leagues moving to over-the-air partners amid the fallout of Bally Sports, we should only expect more NHL teams to join the Golden Knights in this process of leaving cable for free broadcast channels.



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