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2024 World Championships


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I read in the news this morning that the so-called (i.e., without players from the eight surviving clubs in the Stanley Cup chase) World Championships just started.  In Czech Republic (or is it now Czechia?)


What caught my eye is not so much that the Blackhawks’ Connor Bedard’s 2 goals led Canada to victory in their opener…


but that it was against Great Britain.


Blimey, turns out it’s their first hockey participation at this level, now innit?


And a decent result, only losing 4-2, mate.


Somehow the Brits found a way for some youth to focus on hockey instead of football ⚽️ or cycling 🚴 or rugby 🏉 or darts 🎯  

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Some drama at the end of the group phase in Czechia.  The aforementioned Britain won their final game to finish 15th of 16.  Not last place!  Scrummy, chaps!


But the drama was that it saved Finland from damp squib humiliation…

…had Britain instead lost their last game to the Austrians, the latter would have tied the Finns for 4th place, the last ‘playoffs’ spot, in Canada’s group.  Perhaps the biggest upset earlier was a last-second victory by Austria over Finland.  Head-to-head is the tiebreaker.


Helsinki need to send reindeer treats of some sort over to London, right, for stopping them going all to pot, and letting them play at least one more, vs Sweden.


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4 minutes to go, and USA have yet to solve Anaheim’s Lukas Dostal.  Worry time, down 1-0…


…and so it ends.  Hate it when one lucky accident wins it.


Meanwhile, but for the Brits, those lucky Finns would not have the Swedes worried about elimination as they battle into OT.

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