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So THIS is how it's gonna be officiated, eh?

Guest SpikeDDS

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6 PP's in the first period alone, including a 1:40 5-on-3? 11 PPs by the end of the second? On the two least-penalized teams in the league during the regular season?

I'm not gonna say that it was called unfairly, because quite honestly I couldn't watch the 1st period, as out cable operator mistakenly blocked the broadcast. (Only got to watch the 3rd on TV. Saw the 2nd on internet stream.) And the Wings did end up with 8 PPs vs. the Preds' 6. But could anyone else tell that Bettman was in the building?

I don't know about you guys, but I think it's bad for the game to have the playoffs officiated THIS differently than the regular season. I realize that this was probably a "statement" game for the officials to declare that they are gonna come down hard on the interference calls, etc. But it's still ridiculous. If you look at how that game was played (and I've seen "highlights" of the penalties called) about 1/2 of those calls would not have been called last game.

One of the ongoing problems with the NHL is their lack of consistency. In the past, the playoffs were more lenient than the regular season. Penalties weren't called unless they were blatant, particularly in the 3rd. Now, it seems it's just the OPPOSITE! Now they call everything...EXCEPT for Weber pounding Zetterberg's face into the glass twice while swinging and missing on a previous attempt! THAT'S not called? I guess Bettman had already started to leave the building by then, eh?

Tell the coaches CLEARLY how the game is going to be called, and then if they don't play it that way, well that's their own fault. But to make them figure it out AS they play the game is ridiculous and unprofessional. Be clear about the dang rules, and let teams play their games for crying out loud!

And although I think that during the course of a game if Weber did that to a player he should be called for a penalty, calling one with 2 seconds left does us no good. Since the league seems to want to "send a message" with this game, they better do something about a stunt like that in the last few seconds of play.

But will they dare punish Nashville's big star Weber? I doubt it. Not holding my breath.

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It's the league I don't like meddling with the officiating. The officials are only doing what the league is obviously telling them to do. Bettman's in the building. Should that REALLY make any difference in how a game is called?

Oh, but I'm sure it's just coincidence, right? :-P

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@SpikeDDS C'mon, Spike, everybody works harder and more visibly when the boss is in the room. We all drive our cars the way we want to, but when that cop shows up we hit the brakes (most of us). :-)

The officiating is always tough in the first game of the Playoffs. The officials are trying to set that tone that they won't tolerate any monkey business. It's always the same. And yet, in overtime in a deciding game, the refs all but disappear completely.

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@ JackStraw

@ sarsippius

I hope you are both right, because I totally agree about that stuff not belonging in the game. I like Weber, even though right now he is between the Wings and the Cup, but that was wrong. So was the swing and the miss before it when his head was turned. I just wonder if, because Z "suffered no apparent injury on the play," he'll just get a warning from Shanny. I'm hoping it will be more than that to send an early message to the players that this crap will not be tolerated.

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