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Devils hot topic: What do you think of Pierre McGuire, NBC broadcasting team?

Guest Irishjim

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We didn't have any plans to make this one of our

hot topics

, but we couldn't help doing so after reading tons of comments about Pierre McGuire and the NBC broadcast during Game 2.

Devils fans on NJ.com

took to our comments section during the gameand then the noise about unfairness just got louder when the game ended. Our commenters were expressing their dissatisfaction with what they perceived as favoritismtoward the Flyers by McGuire, the color analyst on NBC's broadcasts.

McGuire has been one of the broadcasters for each of the first two games of the Devils-Flyers series. Former longtime Devils play-by-play man Mike "Doc" Emrick and Ed Olczyk called Game 1 with McGuire, while Kenny Albert was the play-by-play man for Game 2.

Here's a look at what some NJ.com users said during and after Game 2 about McGuire and the NBC broadcast.

The Flyers do not have a shot in the 2nd - the announcers say, "they're not trying to, they're just playing safe"... What?!? It has nothing to do with how the Devils are playing?!?

We get it, Pierre...the Flyers are Gods. We've now been told no less than 6 times what Laviolette is telling his team on the bench. No mention of what is going on at the Devils' bench. Isn't Pierre located in between both benches?

Please Pierre McGuire, stick with rooting for the Flyers and leave your kiss of death on them. 5 minutes into the second he said "The Flyers are comfortable with the pace of this game, will be very difficult for New Jersey to mount a challenge."

Right Hank and then the minute the Devils score he says "I told you the Flyers were playing with fire by sitting back like this." I don't care if you don't like the Devils but at least try and be consistent about it.

This guy is the worst. He was so pro Philly it was pathetic. ... When he had to flip-flop when the Devils started winning he must have thrown up in his own mouth. This guy is pathetic. At least TRY to be unbiased and excited for both teams. I almost threw something....at my OWN TV, which would have been bad. Let it be known I do not expect NBC to be pro-Devils, just not so obviously one-sided. I think this guy goes with who he thinks will win so he will look smart when all he really does is blind us with his shining bald head. How much wax does he put on that globe of ignorance!!! The rest of the commentators did a good job calling a game neutrally. Go Devils!!!!!!!!...

Pierre was so in love with the Flyers it was maddening! Look, I know NBC and the Flyers are owned by Comcast but come on! you don't need to be a homer for the team! What ever happened to non-biased coverage of the game? When the Flyers got behind or when we were outplaying them, he went LOOKING for reasons to not submit to the Devils being better. It was all the Flyers stars were not performing, blah, blah, platitudes. RECOGNIZE A GOOD TEAM WHEN YOU SEE IT!

I wonder if he has a monitor to watch the games or only sees ice level, because he was off on a lot of situations. He was criticizing Marty for going after JVR because the puck was loose once. Yeah it was indeed loose but the whistle obviously blew. JVR's poking at a loose puck that the official already blew dead. After the Devils took the 2-1 lead he went silent for like five minutes straight. The other thing was that Albert sensed he was biased too and was trying to compensate, pointing out that the Flyers didn't have a shot on goal over and over in the 2nd because McGuire didn't even mention it and pointing out nice plays by Devils

What do you think of the NBC broadcasting crew?

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WELL OK But I hear it a completely different way

that's funny, I'm with you. Anytime we get that crew I roll my eyes because I feel like they call it more for the other team, especially when ****** bag Edzo aka, former Penguins coach (who clearly holds no bias against the Flyers, his team's one time hated rival) is on the crew. more times than not it feels like he is passing a kidney stone when asked to say anything positive about the Flyers.

I wish I could record the Flyers radio broadcasts with the games I DVR so I can listen to those guys when we have the national broadcasters instead of the homer crew. I don't necessarily enjoy homer play calling, but Jim Jackson and the boys have gotten a LOT better at calling the games straight and I'd much rather listen to them than the NBC team. The one guy on the crew that I like is Joe Beninati.

and my favorite, his reaction to Cote getting nuked by Brashear (the "woah" (s) are great)

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