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L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup; “Mavs Win!” Proclaims NBC Sports

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L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup; “Mavs Win!” Proclaims NBC Sports

The L.A. Kings are the best team in the NHL, but those poor souls just can't catch a break when it comes to people actually knowing who the hell they are. First there was the case of the mistaken logo, an abysmal highlight package, and then a misidentification of the team's mascot.

Today, as the Kings basked in the afterglow of their Stanley Cup victory, the NBC Sports merchandise department became the latest culprit of Kings identity denial.

Multiple tipsters forwarded us the following e-mail from NBC Sports, which arrived in the inboxes of hockey fans everywhere this morning:

————— Forwarded message —————

From: NBC Sports

Date: Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 11:22 AM

Subject: Mavs Win!

To: [Redacted]


Notice the subject line, which unfortunately reads, "Mavs Win!" This is a pretty egregious failure of copy editing, and the best part of this particular snafu is that it is incredibly easy to figure out how it happened. Let me break down the scene that took place in the NBC Sports merchandising office earlier this morning:

NBC SPORTS SALES EXECUTIVE: Hey, we need to send out an e-mail blast with a link to all the Kings Stanley Cup merchandise. Can you do that for me, Intern?

INTERN: Sure thing! How is the e-mail supposed to look?

NBC SPORTS SALES EXECUTIVE: Oh, nothing too fancy, just use the e-mail we sent when the Mavs won the championship as a template.

INTERN: I'm on it! [Creates e-mail. Forgets to change subject line.] All done!

NBC SPORTS SALES EXECUTIVE: Good job, Intern! Send that baby out!

INTERN: Thanks!

And scene.

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Congrats Kings fans on a great run!! I picked them before the season, was sweating it when they were a bubble playoff team, had a couple of friends howling at me when the Kings were on the verge of not making the playoffs. Easily the toughest run of any team ever, and to go 16-4 was remarkable. The scary part (As a Wings fan) is these guys are young everywhere, with guys like King, Voynov and Nolan getting experience and Carter and Richards settling in, pros like Kopitar, Williams and Brown, doughty just reaching his prime and quick emerging as the best goalie in hockey these guys are gonna be a tough out for years to come.

Dave York

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