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One step forward two steps back


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Okay, the game last night against Dallas did have some good points, Brunner getting his first goal, Jimmy Howard playing like he did last season pre injury, but that was about it. A few thoughts.

Injuries are a part of the game, but three games in this is getting ridiculous


Todd Bertuzzi

Carlo Colaiacovo

Jonathan Ericsson

Jakub Kindl

Michael Samuelsson

Jan Mursak

Darren Helm

Jonas Gustafsson

All out. The monster and Mursak are spare parts but the other six are regular members of the rotation.

Sadly through all of this Kyle Quincey remains healthy.

Babcock NEEDS to break up Zetterberg and Datsyuk-period. Teams are able to concentrate on one line. As I see it, our two top lines need to be:

Franzen Datsyuk Cleary

Filpulla Z Brunner

Cleary has always played well with Pavel, Filpulla was amazing playing on the wing with Hank last year and Brunner has developed a spark with him as well. These top two lines would keep the other team honest.

I also think we need to rethink the defensive pairings when everyone is healthy, Ian White and Kronwall would make a fine puck moving top pair, Ericsson and Quincey played together for years at Grand Rapids and supposedly work very well together, and Smith/Colaiacovo would match well together as well.

Kent Huskins was a good signing, IMO. You can never have enough blue liners, and with Smith/Lashoff both rookies, a rugged veteran with a career plus 50 to fill in during injuries is not a bad idea.

Still not panicky, bbut we need to get the offense going soon or it will be a long season.

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It's amazing how many of those injuries are from THIS season too. Very much questions the wisdom of rushing training camp to salvage what is left of a season. I think injuries are gonna play a bigger part this year than any year in recent memory when it's all said and done.

Agree about Quincey. Good night!! He's getting taken to school by rookies and vets alike. And when he's not, it's because he's sitting in the box!

We've got to get ourselves disciplined. These penalties are not making it any easier. And the PP is technically O-fer. (Datsyuk's tying goal was about a second after the PP ended.) Our special teams are in disarray. It wouldn't concern me as much if it was only this season, but the PP stunk during the playoffs last season too. Seems more systemic to me than "just a phase" or "bad luck". It's not. We've got problems, and we'd better get to solving them. But you can't if you're already in the dang box!

Didn't know about the face-off rule change. I thought Cleary's first penalty was a cheap call. He still had his hand on his stick for crying out loud!

Jimmy was outstanding or close to it. That glove save last night was awesome. But we can't count on him stopping everything if we're giving up odd-mans and breakaways. His save percentage is gonna suck, even if we get our offense in gear.

Frankly, I'm GOOD and concerned about this year. I know. It's early. But I also know what I see, and it ain't much good other than goaltending and some of Brunner. I might except Fillpula. He's caught iron a couple times, but he's been positioned well for those opportunities.

Had to like Brunner's SO goal the other night. Not quite Datsyuk (a stuff versus the easy roof shot), but still impressive.

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