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Bettman is at it again (Olympics)


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Gary Bettman is once again flexing his self serving arrogance. He is hell bent on destroying the game of Hockey.He is the greediest dirtbag to ever walk the earth.....good article below...


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@flyerrod Nice find rod, what a scathing article...all of it true!!! I found this to be hilarious in a sad sorta way:

"However, it wholly failed to do that, and then the same thing happened yesterday. The closest thing we got, and I swear this is true, is that George Richards of the Miami Herald got a hold of what appeared to be a leaked copy of the Panthers' schedule, and so devoid of anything worth mentioning was the day, and really this entire part of the month, that beat writers league-wide started publishing when their teams would be facing off with Florida in excruciating detail."

What a missed opportunity! I've always said the day before and after the MLB all star game are brutal...the NHL would have got top coverage, even spotlights on which games look enticing....screw you Gary!!!

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@brelic It's a huge missed opportunity in my mind. On a day(s) when nothing else was happening, the NHL could have been the lead story, millions and miilions worth of free advertising. Just shows Gary lack of forethought (again).

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