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Pick the lines for Team Sweden


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In helping HF101 with the Olympic discussion...This is the list of players invited to summer Olympic camp for team Sweden.

Goalies: Jhonas Enroth, Viktor Fasth, Robin Lehner, Henrik Lundqvist

Defensemen: Jonas Brodin, Alexander Edler, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Jonathan Ericsson, Nicklas Grossman, Erik Gustafsson, Victor Hedman, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Erik Karlsson, Niklas Kronwall, Douglas Murray, Johnny Oduya, Henrik Tallinder

Forwards: Patrik Berglund, Nick;as Backstrom, Jimmie Ericsson, Loui Eriksson, Johan Franzen, Carl Hagelin, Patric Hornqvist, Marcus Johansson, Marcus Kruger, Gabriel Landeskog, Oscar Lindberg, Joel Lundqvist, Gustav Nyquist, Niklas Persson, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Alexander Steen, Henrik Zetterberg

If you were organizing the team which 12 forwards, 6 d-men and 2 goalies would you choose? Who would play together on lines?

If you think others not invited to camp should be on the team, add them and explain why.

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@WingNut722 My Swedish squad.....





Pretty sure of the first two, 3rd string could be a battle, but if Miller gets traded and Enroth starts and does ok, he clearly will have the edge.


1)Eric Karlsson

2)Oliver Ekman-Larsson

3)Nikls Kronwall

4)Alexander Edler

5)Jonas Brodin

6)Victor Hedman

7)Eric Gustafsson

I`m thinking Grossmann might make a push if they deem the defense is not physical enough. Another guy who could potentially crack the roster is Hawks d-man Niklas Hjalmarsson, who is very underrated. Regardless, nice solid defensive corps. One thing I`m pretty sure of, Brodin makes this team.


1)Daniel Sedin

2)Henrik Sedin

3)Henrik Zetterberg

4)Gabriel Landeskog

5)Loui Ericsson

6)Nicklas Backstrom

7)Johan Franzen

8)Patric Hornqvist

9)Patrik Berglund

10)Gustav Nyquist

12)Alexander Steen

13)Carl Hagelin

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@WingNut722 I dunno, from a leadership prospective, he would be valuable, but he has lost a step and might get exposed on the bigger ice surface. It's not like Team Sweden needs a pp specialist either, they are pretty loaded with elite top end talent. My guess is Alfie gets skipped over.

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Would you have Alfie in for say, Gustav Nyquist? Or Alexander Steen? Even if he were on a lower line, I think he could still contribute more than these two (which isn't negative about them, just that they lack overall experience).

Bonus question...Do you think Nicklas Lidstrom would be involved at all with this team?

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@WingNut722 I'm kinda stuck in the middle with the Alfie question. I really think Nygusit is gonna have a break out year, and Sweden will have to include him, so a fair amount of youth is involved going forward. I think Steen's speed and defensive awareness are needed also. I will sub him in for Haglin...lol, and settle it that way. In a lot of ways, Alfie and Sudin before him were the heart and soul of Sweden (at least for forwards), and you're right, it will be important for him to be there, even in a reduced role.

I would be shocked to not see Lindstrom on the bench at least, in some type of coaching capactiy. I would LOVE for him to start skating right now and I'll get to see him one last time, even if it's at Canada's expense.

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