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You are now on the clock Darcy. We had best win

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I am not waiting for your rebuilding talk.  We have the weapons to compete now for a playoff spot.  So get it done.  If this coach does not get them going then fire his ass and get a real proven guy in there.  I cant believe you are still pinching pennies when you have a committed owner willing to spend for once in our history.  We were lucky we had the french connection back in the early days to make us a team to be reckoned with.  And now Lindy is behind the bench with a talented Dallas team and God knows what damage they can do.  WIN NOW DAMN IT

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I understand the frustration. The problem as I see it is:

Miller is another year older and has been slipping. Don't get mad, look at the statistics, it is true

Too little talent among the forwards. Vanek is a superstar, Ott is good, Grigorenko and Girgensons are raw, Hodgson and Ennis are solid but not top line players. Stafford and Leino are pure slugs, absolutely unoworthy of being on an NHL team. Stafford should be sued for theft for stealing his contract.

So an aging goalie, an underwhelming bunch of forwards (And why are they even considering trading Vanek anyway? He is the guy to build the team around!) dooms the club. I wish them well, just too many good teams ahead of them. But two great drafts in a row at least should give you guys hope.

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@yave1964  By the time the Sabres are legit contenders, Vanek will be far into the downside of his career. For that reason alone, they should get the kings ransom he would bring, and really go into rebuild mode, ditto for Miller. The Sabres are in the same spot Calgary was in for the past 5 years. If they wait as long as the Flames did to admit they are not contenders, they will get the same return for these guys as the Flames got for Iggy. They need to suck it up and deal their talented guys now, before the price goes down so far it's not even worth doing it. For instance, Miller is 33, how much will they get for him at 35 and a few more mediocre years under his belt. The price drops each 1/4 year they don't pull the plug.  

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