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Game #1 - Jets 5 - Oilers 4

JR Ewing

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Well, a tough finish after carrying the majority of play...



-Jesse Joensuu used all of his size and skill. Was around the net all night, stuck up for teammates, and popped one in.

-Luke Gazdic scoring a goal on the first shift of his first NHL game. Beauty. Lived a lot of young boys' dreams right there. Topped it off with a fight that sent Thorburn's helmet a good five feet away, and probably made himself a few fans.

-Oilers held the Corsi advantage against the Jets: 49-42. Good showing, especially with Gagner and Corsi monster RNH out. The Oilers lost battle, but if they continue this way, they'll win the war, and they didn't do it much last year. Only 6 times, in fact.



-Devan Dubnyk was kind dreadful. If he'd played even just an average game, the Oilers walk away with a win.

-Ryan Smyth looked really out of step. Could have just been a bad game, but it kills me to see.

-Since I was a kid, and there were more games on the radio than on TV, I had a simple little system which I always thought was helpful in telling me if a player had a game: the more I heard his name in reference to the play, the more impact he was having on the night. I think I only heard Nail Yakupov's name maybe three times.


Dallas Eakins

-I watched with stunned (and happy) disbelief when Eakins was asked (post-game) why he pulled the goaltender so early and he responded by saying that analytics have shown that NHL coaches are too conservative in how they use that tactic. Was so good to hear.

-Loved his use of the 4th line. He used them as little as possible and gave them only offensive zone starts, far away from their own net and trouble. Beats last year, watching RFK roll all lines, play the 4th against the Datsyuks of this world, and generally get the team torched by that approach.


Best Forward: Jesse Joensuu

Best Defense: Jeff Petry


Also: Hockey Night in Canada is a shadow of its former great self.




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I didn't stay up to watch the game, but apparently Trouba had a real strong game for the Jets.  I have Dubnyk as a fhl goalie in one of my games.  Have to say I was disappointed in the outcome as well.

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