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Even though Buffalo wasn't my favorite team, at one time, I kinda rooted for them.   It was when Gilbert Perrault played for the Sabres.   He was a very classy, skilled type.


Then, after awhile,  they went to the bottom of my list.   They turned into a goon squad.    Easy to despise, because of their turning  hockey games into cat fights.   Guys, such as Rob Ray and Lindy Ruff are easy to hate.


Now, their roster includes our boy Z.  We're very fond of him.  He's just a great kid, and we watch and root for him.  And his friends and teammates.


Pendulum swings. 





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  I have barely considered the Sabres on my radar, I do not like or dislike them, I nothing them. Not worth hating, to boring to like. An organization that changes plans every couple of years. Lets go with our players forever. Hey new plan, lets overpay for every free agent. Wait, better idea lets go thru the draft.

  Frankly I like the last two drafts, a lot. My problem is if it is typical Sabre mentality they will change the game plan before they develop. Hoping not, I think the lumps have to be taken but they have a nice direction finally.

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"Hoping not, I think the lumps have to be taken but they have a nice direction finally" 


Of course, you're right.  But, I doubt the stamina of any ownership.  They usually don't have the courage necessary to follow that strategy to the end. 

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Became a "79-game-a-year" Sabre fan living in Buffalo. Great hockey town. People really appreciate the game.


Agreed on the past two drafts. Very strong foundation.


Do they keep Vanek? Do they get a tacit agreement to test the market and have "right of first refusal" - which would be the best hometown discount a player would offer?


I think it's past time to ditch the GM that, as you note, has been flipping and flopping between plans for 15 years... But if they are going to go in the rebuild direction, you still need veteran, Sabre leadership,. Shocked to see Pominville dealt so cavalierly, mildly happy with the return at this point.


If Christian Erhoff is "veteran leadership" on a team without Vanek I'm, quite frankly, worried.


I hope Ott buys into Buffalo and vice versa. He's the kind of guy who could be a folk hero up there.

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