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How the officials handed the Predators 2 points


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     I don't know about other Habs fans, but I'm absolutely done with the poor officiating that I've seen over the past few seasons. Tonight was only a microcosm of what's been going on in recent history. First of all, let me start by saying that the hit thrown on Daniel Briere is borderline suspendable, let alone at least a minor penalty. The Predator player hit Briere well away from the net and aimed clearly for the head. Yet, no penalty.


     Next, why is it that every time a canadien draws a penalty, there is about a 50% chance that the referee will call a matching diving penalty? Personally, I blame Claude Julien who felt the need to "enlighten" the league last year when he blasted the Canadiens for diving. Subban comes flying up the ice, gets hooked all the way up the ice and nothing is called. Eventually, yes, Subban goes down easy, but where is the call when it is supposed to be made? Subban doesn't have to take the dive if the proper call is made.


     Finally, on the Eller no-goal. The referee called the play on the ice a good goal. After it was reviewed with no clear overturning evidence, the officials overturned the goal. To overturn the ruling o the ice, there must be irrefutable evidence that the call on the ice was wrong in order to overturn it. Again, it really didn't look clear if the puck was in the net or not, but the referee behind the net was emphatic in calling Eller's shot a good goal. The referee's threw out the rule book in this game to hand Montreal a loss. 

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I can't agree more. Refs going out of their way to invent rules as they go, it seems. Incompetence at its best. Very unfortunate as fans pay big bucks to attend those games, yet get incompetent refereeing.


A couple of games ago, Subban gives a clean check and gets called for elbowing. Replay clearly shows that it was not the case. One time, **** happens.


Yesterday, Subban called for "embezzlement". What the hell is that? New rule? Did he steal a gun or something?


Than that Eller goal/no-goal... Ref points at the net as a good goal, then goes upstairs to see if the call should be overturned. Up until now, everything is normal. Call on the ice is made, they now need conclusive evidence to reverse that call, as stated in the rulebook. Upon watching every angle, although I personnally don't think that the puck crossed the red line, there are no conclusive evidence one way or another, no one can see the puck. The call on the ice, by rule, should stay. Had he called "no goal" to start with, they wouldn't and couldn't overturn it.


Well here's what the ref had to say:




Why did you point at the net, claiming to have seen it crossed?!?! Frustrating those referees...

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I think the first official screwed this one up by pointing to the net. There was no way he could have see the puck by his position behind the net through the goaltender.


But his explanation was that the four on ice officials called it no goal and it was "confirmed". So they were actually going up stairs to see if it needed overturned to call it a goal and needed to see that it DID cross the goal line, not the other way around.   They must have had a quick huddle after play stopped, which is allowed, and decided it did not go in and then moved to the review from there.


Still begs to wonder what made him make the goal signal to start with.

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I thought the collision with Briere was incidental. Nystrom was moving over to cover Danny then looked away and lost track of where Danny was.

I think the first official screwed this one up by pointing to the net. There was no way he could have see the puck by his position behind the net through the goaltender.


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