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NHL Halloween costumes around the league


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Ran this one in the Red Wings forum, figured to open it up for all teams. For instance:


Darren Helm the mummy from all the bandages holding him together


Tyler Myers Frankenstein because he is about as tall but slightly slower


Cindy Crosby a ballerina outfit for obvious reasons


John Scott a slug outfit


Phil Kessel a woodsman with his hockey stick as his axe (see John Scott)


Ilya Bryzgalov a thief outfit (from stealing his paychecks)


Tim Thomas a President Obama mask


Anyway, you get the point. Any takers?



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Hmm, something wrong with that first image link above, dunno if @hf101 can help me post the image?




Ilya Bryzgalov as a cosmonaut


The Sedins as Bobbleheads  (they just seem like they'd make great bobbleheads)


Mike Santorelli as a magician cuz he's been pulling his tricks out of a hat this season for us


Ovechkin as a Vampire (just......creepy)


Tomas Hertl as either a TMNT or a whipping post


Brad Marchand as one of the Wizard of Oz munchkins: (esp the middle one in green)






Ottawa Senators' coach Paul MacLean as a Walrus

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added photo
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Also ... Sedins as bobbleheads?  I can so picture that ;)


That Wizard of Oz munchkin in the middle ... kind of looks a little like Stan Bowman.  :D


My dad always says that Nashville coach Barry Trotz reminds him of Edgar G. Robinson and I can imagine him saying something like, "Where's your MVP now?  Maaaahhhhhh!".  :lol:

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