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Blackhawks-Jets, Nov. 2, 2013

Chicago Hawkie

Hawks-Jets: The game within a game  

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  1. 1. What will be the defining factor in this game?

    • The Battle of the Kanes
    • Current vs. former Hawks
    • Hawks killer Devin Setoguchi
    • The third period
    • Other (please specify)

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  This is going to really be an interesting game.  With the former Hawks on the Jets, it will be a game within a game.

  Will Big Buff stop the Hawks' attack?


  How will Ladd and Frolik do against their former team?


  Who will win the Battle of the Kanes (Patrick vs. Evander)?


  How will the Hawks handle perennial Hawks-killer Devin Setoguchi (Is it just me, or does he always score against the Hawks?).


  What will happen in the third period?  Since the Hawks have had some issues tightening it up in the third period this season more often than not, will they have more success holding a lead, if they get one, in the third period?


Stay tuned ... :D

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Tbh, I haven't watched enough Hawks games to give a fair evaluation (but now that I've got Center Ice!), but off the top of my head, I'd say current vs former Hawks....the one that will be very interesting for me to watch will be Byfuglien! He absolutely wreaked havoc on our team in the playoffs & has continued his 'flattening' out players rampage this season.....so will be watching for him to continue the same with their top players (which is pretty much everyone on the Hawks!). Should make for an interesting game!   :D

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Yeah, I think current vs. former Hawks will be a big story since there are 3 of them on the Jets ... although I think the 3rd period could also be a deciding factor if those former Hawks end up on the scoreboard.


And then there's Buffy the Bulldozer ...  :ph34r:


Damn, I didn't get this game tonite on any channel! But I take it the Hawks had no 3rd period issues tonite, lol....a 5-1 blowout! Must've been a beaut to watch!  I'll have to catch the highlights....(was Evander Kane a no-show on the ice? And I think Trouba was out for them injured, that may have made a bit of difference too).  The question is: WHO or how many did Buffy slam??  :rolleyes:

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 I watched at the game, it was on as I was doing other things. It looked like more of a blow out than it was, the Hawks buried them late. The Hawks just have so much depth in there forward lines that if you shut down a Hossa or a Kane than a Shaw, Bickel or Bollig will kill you. And as long as Crawford wears so much equipment that he looks like the stay puff marshmellow man (Easily the worst offender in the league right now) the net play will remain solid. And did I mention Leddy and Hjalmarsson?  God this team is too deep.

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