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Giroux: Not the Problem, Not the Solution


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Claude Giroux is a very good hockey player. He is an important part of any team.


He might even be a good captain - although that has never been proven or tested at any level before the NHL.


He is not the problem - aside from being played out of position and forced into the primary leadership role on the team. Those aren't his decisions. He has been told this would be best for the organization and he has believed the great hockey minds who have insisted that it is a good idea.


To be clear, he's been playing like crap - on a team full of guys who are playing like crap.


Because there is nothing that gives this team any life or identity.


Claude Giroux - "the shift" aside - has shown himself to be a very good hockey player, but not a player who can impose his will on a game, take it over and grab the attention of everyone on the ice, on the bench and in the building. For one brief moment against Sidney Crosby he lifted his game to the highest level and took advantage of a situation. And the Flyers committed the next eight years of the franchise to him. After, apparently, making the mistake of devoting the next 12-years of the franchise to Mike Richards and then the next 9 years of the franchise to Ilya Bryzgalov.


The Flyers need someone who can give this team an identity. There were writers speculating that could have been Thomas Vanek. A ridiculous idea, as Vanek has roughly the galvanizing qualities of a donut- even in Buffalo. 


Having a 41-year-old Jagr on this squad - not to mention a 40-year-old one last year - could have made a tremendous difference for this franchise in terms of continuing the development of the two players who had career years playing with the Hall of Famer and the makeup of the leadership in the locker room.


Anyone think Jake Voracek would be having motivation issues if the team still had his childhood idol on the roster???


Just for the record, it's not Naigle Yakupov - at all. 


Quite frankly, no one has grabbed the attention like that since a certain "disappointing" winger took everyone by surprise in the playoffs. And then was dealt to Tronno for Luke "healthy scratch" Schenn. He's on track for 30+.


Vinny Lecavalier could likely take this team over - if he wanted to. But that's not what he signed up for and I can't see him undermining the team's anointed star for the next eight years. Unless he's asked.


By the people who have made the series of no good, very bad, awful decisions over the past 15 years that have led to where they are now. 


In the wider view, it's got little to do with Giroux. Aside from maybe that he's not got the impact game to make the difference.


And they committed the next eight years of the franchise to him.


Until they buy him out or trade him.

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The bottom line is he is trying to do too much, and looks frustrated and lost. He is also coming off an injury. He was anointed to be a great player and leader of this franchise before he was ready by the " :lol: braintrust" of the disorganization. Their fault because they traded away leadership and stunted Claude's growth as a player in the process.  They should have resigned Jagr, who still looks good although he's 41.  The problem is TEAM WIDE, they can't pass the puck tape to tape much less pass the puck while skating, and the whole team (Giroux included) passes up shots at least 20 times a game that should be taken.  I like this quote so I'll use it here, "100% of the shots you don't take, don't go in the net". - Wayne Gretzky.  Pretty much sums up the whole Flyers team offensively, doesn't it?  Hesitant and Passive, passive, passive team.

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its not his fault


the same thing drama happened surround mike richards, eric lindros, and every other Flyer team of the past 20 seasons.


The last time this team wasn't dysfunctional was during the late 80's.


It doesn't take much wisdom to see that its not any individual player who is the problem, its the ******* culture

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