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Coming back in waves


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  First Helm came back followed by Eriksson and then last night Alfie returned. Wow.


 The Wings played their best game of the year. It was as good as the game against the Blues was bad.


  Nick Kronwall is free to run the point again with his partner the big E safely and securely tying up the blue line. Alfie brings skill to the top lines again. Zetterberg is playing like a man obsessed. The monster, though he gives up some big juicy rebounds which scare the heck out of me seems to be doing the job quite well and the team has confidence in him.

   I am beginning to regain hope in the club, Pavel vows to return before the Olympic break, the Mule is seeing with no fog for the first time since going out in mid December. Joakim Andersson is days away. Troops are arriving back daily and the kids are doing very well in their chance to prove they belong in the NHL.

  That is kind of the point of this post, where are the Wings going to fit everyone?

The Lines currently are, with players who are locked in to a roster spot in capitals:


TATAR       HELM                  ALFREDSSON

CLEARY     Glendening          Jurco

MILLER       Sheahan              Eaves


Bertuzzi still on the roster, Samuelsson the forgotten man.


  Returning soon are DATSYUK, ANDERSSON AND FRANZEN with WEISS after the Olympic break.


 Forgetting Weiss, When Pavel, Andersson and Franzen return soon and assuming Bert is going to be back in the lineup and not a healthy scratch it looks as if Eaves, Jurco, Glendening and Sheahan are easily the men out, with 12 healthy forwards (again forgetting Samuelsson as the Wings have apparently done) it leaves room for one of the four to stay on as the extra forward. So who stays when everyone comes back, hopefully sooner than later?


Jurco is an offensive force in training. Has played a considerable amount on the top two lines and not embarrassed himself.


Eaves a few years ago was an important cog who got lost in the shuffle before taking a slapshot to the face and is doing his best to make certain he does not get lost again.


Sheahan has been a solid player who plays a full ice game and has a wicked slapper, a solid presence in the line up.


Glendening is a gritty player, the type the Wings are sorely lacking. He lives under the skin of the opposition making Mickey Redmond downright giddy. The Wings have nobody who plays his style of hockey on the current roster.


  If we only keep one, I believe it would have to be Eaves because he is the veteran and has played his guts out. If salary cap comes into play (Which it likely might) and Eaves is caught in the money crunch then Glendening might have to be the keeper because of his grit. Assuming Pavel and Franzen come back with offensive acumen then Jurco is easily the most replacable and with Helm and Andersson in the lineup then Sheahan is easily replaced as well. Glendening brings something that nothing of the returning forwards does with his grit and sandpaper style. He would have to be the one I would keep.



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Great minds think alike. I was pondering this same question this morning.

I think you may be right about Eaves staying, especially since if they are going to send him down, he has to clear waivers, and this time, I don't think he will. Someone will snap him up if they do.

What I found VERY encouraging in the past few days are two things: 1. Eaves going I. The SO against Chicago, and 2. Bertuzzi being a healthy scratch against the Habs. This demonstrates to me that Babs is IN REALITY (and not just with his mouth) rewarding players who are playing well, and letting even established players who are not playing to their potential enjoy the games from the press box. He is finally doing what he has been talking about doing. He did it a little last year, but this year he has really moved things around to let the players who are playing well play. This is EXACTLY what is needed if we are going to transition well.

What this says to me (hopefully) is that the answer to your question of who will be out MAY ACTUALLY BE DETERMINED BY WHO IS PLAYING AND WHO IS NOT! Now obviously position will also have something to do with it (centers vs. wingers, etc.), but I am hoping that what kind of play they contribute will also. I really like the body play of Glendening and Sheahan, and that's something we need.

I like what Babs is doing with trying to emulate our top line: Z for his smarts and playmaking, Abby for net front and grit--he's been a greater force of late, eh?--and Nyquist for his skating and skills. That is a very good combo. And we are seeing a resurgence with people coming back and/or stepping up. When the Z line isn't the only one opposing teams have to worry about defending, they are able to better produce.

Now, Babs is trying to do something similar with Helm and Alfie--speed and smarts together. I'd love to see someone like Sheahan fight in front of the net here to complete the line. I think Cleary (who you have in CAPS) could make room for one of the others to assume his duties. He was -3 against Chicago and even last night. This is the kind of transition move that is eventually going to be required, so why not now? I'd rather have these kids get some games like the Blues game and then also the Chicago game now, to give them experience for the playoffs, should we make it. Being able to come back and play like they did against the Hawks is even more crucial when handling the playoff swings, which are much more intense. Give 'me a taste now!

This is getting interesting. Amazing what a week can do for outlook, eh?

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Good morning, Gentlemen, and Happy Monday-


If what I heard from Ken and Mick in last night's broadcast is true, Samuelsson has been waived to Grand Rapids, to make room for Franzen's returning salary.  A good move on Holland's part, and something we in this forum have all been waiting for.


That said, one step forward and two steps back...Zetterberg sat out last night with what was dubbed an "upper body injury" which of course, if you re-arrange the letters in that phrase you get "taking care of a sore back so it doesn't get worse for the Olympics"  I don't anticipate a long absence and that this was truly a "maintenance day" as Mike Babcock calls it.


 Jurco could possibly use a little more development in Grand Rapids.   I would really like to see Glendenning, and Sheahan stay.  Those two could possible give Andersson a run for his money.  And so the battle for 4th line Center begins.  Since these two have both proven themselves extremely well, dare I say that Corey Emmerton is now on the trade block?  He's a capable center and certainly worth a few draft picks.


The fun part that I keep remembering from time to time is that we constantly talk about forwards.  We happen to be heavy on the blue line as well.  Anyone remember Jakub Kindl?  Where has he been?  Is he being kept in reserve until somebody starts flaking out?

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good morning guys.


 Well a point on a night that Z sat out and Franzen returned to shake off the rust. Blowing a two goal lead in the third sucks but hey, we got a point. Very nice homestand, ran the gambit with the Kings,Blues Hawks, and Habs. Right now we are in the playoffs and just gotta keep plowing away and get the rest of our lineup back together.

  Seven healthy d-men one has to sit, Kronner and the big E are locks to play when healthy, same with Dekeyser which leaves the other 4 to rotate in and out and earn their icetime. Kindl seems to be a bit out of sorts this year compared to last and a day or two off for motivation would not hurt.

  Howard is rumored back Tuesday against the Flyers, Friday against the Capitals at the latest. The Monster has played good since returning but here is hoping that Howie is the same Howie just before his injury. He has been doing very well lately.

  Tatar is becoming a team leader. The announcers said he yelled at Nyquist for not shooting the puck last night, very unrookie like, not one to be seen and not heard. We haven't been known for having the Rah Rah types, I like it.


  On to Philly. Lets whip those boys so we have bragging rights in here.

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