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  1. 1. I want to play HockeyForums Olympic Fantasy Hockey

    • yes, can draft WEDNESDAY 9:00PM
    • maybe, I need a different time

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I'd love to do this in the playoffs, but a largely expanded version.


Care to expand your thoughts here?  Keep in mind though that all the scoring is manual.  

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@hf101  Maybe 2 goalies, 6 forwards and 3 d-men....or something along those lines. I'm hoping that would not be to much on you....and nobody is saying you have to update it every day...if work is tough that week just do it a few times instead of everyday. In the end, you're the one doing all the hard work, so whatever works for you is good for me, but it would be fun!

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@hf101  Looks like it will be tough to beat me on Sunday. I get a guaranteed 15 pts for 3 Golds and 3 Silvers, plus whatever pts those guys get in the game.


Yeah, I think I need a Lundqvist shutout and some high scoring by my USA guys to win this. I pretty much don't have a shotat winning if Canada wins gold.  Maybe I should have only awarded 1 pt per Gold medal and not have done the silver and bronze.  It's been a good tight race a for more than one member in this OFL and that is good no matter what the outcome.  

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