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Why Trade Penner?


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He was having a good season for the Ducks.  Makes you think that they are getting ready to make a bigger move before the deadline today.


Saw a rumor that they may have their eye on Vanek.  Can you even imagine that top line with Getzlaf, Perry, and Vanek?  Might as well just give them the Cup now.  They'd be darn near unstoppable.


Don't know how they'd afford him long-term, though.

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  I agree, the only thing that made sense is they are clearing space to add a Moulson or Vanek.

  But truth be told, Penner has slowed down tremendously since his solid start. In his defense, there haven't been any PRI's (Pancake Related Injuries) so far this season but he hasn't done much at all lately.

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Maybe they needed the cap room just in case they were able to swing a deal.


He really started well, but I'm guessing that just about anyone would have good numbers playing on a line with Getlaf & Perry.


Now watch Penner go into "Edmonton mode" when he joins the Capitals.

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