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  1. I think this Flyers team is starting to gel and figure some things out. They'll win tonight. Hart might not even be tested much in this one. I need to see Ghost start scoring goals again.
  2. Thanks for messaging me! Glad to be back! Let's go Flyers!
  3. Can't believe the Preds traded Weber after all that.
  4. The Ducks are going to be really tough to beat, and that is really saying something in the Western Conference. My pick to win the Cup.
  5. I think this team is going to be scary-good very soon. Provorov & Ghost on the same blue line! And I think Koneckny is going to be tremendous. (Shades of Rick Tocchet?)
  6. 1. Hindsight being 20/20 and all - I still think that Neuvy should have started game #3. We'll never know what might have been. That awful goal by Mason (worse than that Cup-losing goal by Leighton, other than the significance of it) told me that his head was just not in the game. He reminds me of Hextall (as a goalie) in that he was capable of making an absolutely jaw-droppingly spectacular save one minute, and the next let in one of the softest, back-breaking goals imaginable. Mason is a good guy and a good (good, not great) goalie. Unless our D is stellar in front of him, we're not winning a Cup with him. 2. We need more than 1 scoring line. I know, thank you, Captain Obvious. 3. This isn't Giroux's fault. (See #2 above.) The Caps' plan was to throw everything they had at Giroux & Ghost and force the rest of the Flyers to beat them. it worked. 4. I'm disappointed that we didn't get to game #7. But that speaks volumes to the character & grit of this team. 3 months ago, no one gave them a chance. I am pproud to be a Flyers fan, and can't wait to see what Provorov, Koneckny, and Caligula (or whatever his name is, assuming he signs with the Flyers) might bring to the team. This team is going to be scary-good soon.
  7. Well, here's to hoping for a LOT of icing on our cake during this playoffs! Let's go Flyers! (Ya gotta believe!)
  8. It's almost, dare I say, . . .Penguin-like? Makes me believe even more that we have a real chance!
  9. Seems to me that Giroux (not to mention Jake, Ghost, Simmer . . . ) is due to have a break out game.
  10. How in the world did no one from the 'Yotes pound Hall into oblivion for that?!?
  11. You all knew what I meant, right?
  12. That was a dirty play, but it was to the back of his knee, not the side. The worst it would do is make him fall down/lose his balance. It looked far worse than it actually was, IMO.
  13. The next promotional giveaway ought to be for the Capitals - their golf bags! Let's go Flyers!

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