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Pens vs. Jackets, damn I feel better now


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Really, for some reason I thought the WIngs had locked into the series with the Pens.    Much better matchup for the Pens.   The wings, with their health getting better, scared me.



Keys for the series:


1) Fleury, Fleury,Fleury.  Period, DON'T SCREW UP!!!


2) Special teams.   Pens played great against the Jackets in the regular season, stay the course.


3) Martin/Letang.   Get back in the flow, own the transition.



I feel good, personally, about this one.



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Fleury, Fleury,Fleury. Period, DON'T SCREW UP!!!


I think, really, it comes down to this.  Doesn't it? 


Do you think that's in the players' minds too?  Like, do you think they come out gripping sticks hard waiting to see which Fleury shows up or do you think they'll be fine until or unless proven otherwise?


Either way it becomes a team psychology thing if Fleury stumbles at all but wondering if they'll be tentative out of the gate or if Fleury needs to falter first.

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All depends.  He's been fantastic this year.  But if he lays a stinker in either of the first two games in the 'burgh, then it will be in their heads.


The games this year the Pens really dominated, even in the close games.   I'm really happy with the matchup.

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I'm really happy with the matchup.


I don't blame you.  I think it's the best of the choices.


Philly wouldn't have been a good opening series for you (and not saying that because I'm a Flyers' fan).   Even if you won the series, it would likely go six or seven and you may come out damaged a bit (kind of like the Toronto/Philly series a decade ago).


And I do think they're better off against Columbus than Detroit.  Detroit matches up in such a way they could be dangerous.  I actually called Detroit over the Bruins (which is rightly considered absurd, but I like them in the first round due to experience and getting healthy at the right time.  Not that they have more experience than Boston).


They do have the 5-0 against Columbus, so they have the psychology of that.  Plus, of the three choices it may provide Pittsburgh with chance to get a round of success under their belt and see what they have in playoff Fleury.  It'll give them a good boost if they dispatch them like they should.


I'm calling Columbus in this because I'm betting against Fleury.  If good Fleury shows up, it really shouldn't be much of a series.

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