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Markstrom Asks for a Trade

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Apparently Jacob Markstrom who is now third on the Canucks depth chart is believed to have asked for a trade out of town, according to Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province.


Markstrom, who carries a $1.2-million cap hit and was acquired from Florida in the Roberto Luongo trade, "asked for the Canucks to trade him after the Ryan Miller signing on July 1, Botchford writes. The Canucks have found interest from at least three teams.


I think the Flyers would have to be one of those teams. Granted he would be 3rd on the Flyers depth chart also, but Emery only has a one year deal.    I'm not sure how this may work with the cap, maybe Vancouver could carry some of the cap hit.  But I think it would be a wise choice by Hextall to add some experience to the Phantoms next season.

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@hf101  I would have preferred to just have Markstrom as back up and call it a day. I understand having to pull the trigger, as bad as Emery was...if they let him slip away, the pickings would have been even slimmer. With a very reasonable 1.2 Mill of cap space, Markstrom seems like an attractive option. Markstrom was just "meh" in Florida, but so was their defense. They did not score a lot of goals to help out his win totals either. After being proclaimed the heir apparent in net for the Panthers, he was less than spectacular, but he has nice size and movement, perhaps a change of scenery is what this guy needs?


  For my money, Markstrom is better than Lack....so I question the Canucks depth chart....is Benning on crack?

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Hasn't Markstrom been one of the up-and-coming goalies in this league for the last 3-4 years? I'm starting to wonder if the kid will ever make it.


 I'm pretty sure you're not the only one that is thinking that way. My perspective is, he's only had one team, a crap defensive team in the Panthers to be judged on. He has really nice size and movement, so he should get a chance to prove himself in another situation. I'm thinking some other GM's will see him in the same light...thus the 3 interested teams.

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Markstrom is a waiver eligible this year so that puts a different twist on this.  Teams who would trade for him would have to be fairly certain that he would play in the NHL.   


Maybe I'm wrong here but wouldn't both Lack and Markstrom likely compete for the Back up position come training camp?  Then one of them would need to pass through waivers to be sent to the AHL.  Some team could add him without trading for him.  It then might be in Vancouver's best interest to trade him.

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