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Tampa Bay Signs Three More

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Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed their 2009 2nd round draft pick, Richard Panik.
1 yr, two way contract...terms not announced.


Bolts also re-sign 23 yr old checking center Philippe Paradis, also to a one year, two way contract, along with FA veteran Brenden Morrow, who gets a one year contract, reportedly for $1.55 Mil.



The Paradis signing was most likely for the AHL Syracuse Crunch, although the two way part, suggests the Bolts may bring him up to man the 4th line...an area the Bolts will need to reconstruct with the departures of BJ Crombeen and Nate Thompson.

Brenden Morrow will bring leadership and experience to a still mostly young TB team along with the previously re-signed Ryan Callahan.
Morrow will also most likely lead the way on the 4th line and work with whichever young forwards the Lightning bring up from Syracuse.

Richard Panik is the key re-sign here.
At his best, he can be a pretty good goal scorer, damned good checker, and a super pest on top of all that.
He has shown that plenty of times in the AHL, and flashes of it with the Lightning.

Problem is, he has not been consistent with his game....particularly at the NHL level.
Seems either the speed of the game or the decision making has not translated well to this point for him.

The guy is still only 23, so he has time still to figure things out for his career...but his time with the Lightning may be running out.
The two way contract he was given probably means he may start in the minors once again, with the intention of bringing him up if he continues to shine at the AHL level.

Thing is, if he is brought up again and still not produce at the NHL level, the Lightning may either move him mid season, or simply let him walk at the end of his one year contract.
Bolts simply have too many young forwards vying for spots in both the AHL and NHL levels for them to continue to wait for Panik to "get it" when it comes to his NHL play.

Shame too.
During the times when he's been on his game playing for the Lightning, he reminded me a bit of Claude Lemieux lite: I.E., good all around game, and irritating the living crap out of the opposition.
Bolts could certainly use a guy that can do that consistently against teams such as Boston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia....you know, the kinds of teams who, if you do things right, you can have them get their emotions get the better of them.

We will see.
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Morrow to me was signed for the veteran presence that was supposed to be supplied by Ryan Malone. Not much left in the tank but he busts his butt on every shift, never takes a shift off. Can play any line, although first line is a reach. Overall, with a young club a low risk nice reward type.

Paradis is just AHL Cannon fodder.


  I kind of thought Panik got lost in the shuffle last year with all of the other kids stepping up. I think he will do much better this year, with the inevitable sophomore slump sure to bite a kid or two, I think he will step up and establish himself this year. Just another one of the kid forwards that make the Bolts the envy of the league. My Wings are absolutely loaded with under 25 year old forwards, the Lightning are the only club in the league who IMHO have a better bunch, and not just by a little.

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