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Jonathan Toews vs Patrick Kane vs Duncan Keith



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  1. 1. Who is the best player out of the 3

    • Duncan Keith
    • Jonathan Toews
    • Patrick Kane
    • Other (specify)

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     The last thread about Jonathan Toews, I was pleasantly surprised at how much the majority of you guys highly valued him as a player. And most of your arguments were usually along the lines of more cups and proven playoff performer. Well now, you can't make those arguments!!! Because these 2 players have the same amount of much cups and are just as proven as Toews is in the postseason!!! So I thought it would make for some interesting conversation.

   Toews is the most balanced and efficient goal scorer out of the 3, Patrick Kane has been the most productive offensive producer in both the regular season and the playoffs, as well as the most clutch in regards to game winning goals. And my personal favorite out of the three, Duncan Keith, who has so far been the most accomplished player of the three in terms of accolades, the other 2 can be argued as essentially equal or slightly better than Keith in the playoffs. However, in the regular season, Keith has evidently had the most impact. His 2 Norris trophies prove that.

So out of the three, who do you think is the best player?

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I really love Toews and Keith. I like Kane a lot.

I don't think you win without a player like Kane, but I don't think you win with just him. Actually, that goes for all three.

But of the three, I think Kane is probably a little more replaceable (not "easily" replaceable, but just more than the other two).

Between Toews and Keith it's really tough because I obviously really like them both (the "obviously" is referencing the other thread).

But whenever anyone asks me the "if you could start a team with one player, who?" question, my answer is Keith. Largely because I want to build net out and because that calibre of defenseman is, I think, the most difficult to find.

I think ultimately those three players have complimented each other in a very magical way, do it's tough to separate them.

But Keith if it has to be one.

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I think Keith or Toews would be loved by Flyer fans. Kane? Great skill, not much of a 200 foot player though. Most Flyer fans love to complain how we got burned in that lottery... he'd get eaten alive for being one of those players in Philly. Then there's the drunk little punk thing. He gets his day with the cup and wants to take it to the "Sky Bar"?

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