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Last night, I traveled to watch a grandson play.  The weather in the northeast has been unusually warm this fall, with a lot of moisture and fog.  When we get to the rink, you couldn't see through the glass because of the condensation.  So, I try to find a place to watch my buddy.  One of the rink attendants drags a goal near the outside of the boards.  Puts some planks on the top of it, lays a step ladder against it and comes to get me.  I clamber up the ladder,  Great view.  I'm right up against the netting and can see everything very clearly.  I get into it and am really enjoying my self.  


Then, some kid throws a check against the boards right below me.  The boards bang into the goal upon which I;m standing.  The netting, boards slam into me.  So, I shift to my left, but now I'm standing on the end of the planks which are not over the goal.  Everyone is hollering at me to get my old ass back over the middle of the goal.  I look around to see who's screaming at me.  There are a bunch of people down there ignoring the game, ready to catch this old fool who will surely fall.  There aren't many people in the rink, but the few that are there are really interested in whether or not I fall and am crippled.  


So, I climb down the ladder.  A couple preppy kids thank me and take my place.


I watch the rest of the game through fog.  Go back to the lobby during intermissions.  The people ignore me.  


Fame is fleeting.



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You are far more agile than I, my guess is I would have been on my arse before I got halfway up the ladder to begin with!

Thanks for the story, your self depracating personality always gives me a laugh. Hope you are doing well, Mrs Blocker is in my thoughts

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