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Injury to JVR, Leivo to miss AHL ASG


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So with JVR out two months with a broken foot, in comes Leivo. :( Personally, if I were Leivo, I'd be pissed that I'm missing out on the AHL all-star game to join this Leafs team in a lost season. It's probably the only ASG he'll ever get to play in, and he knows the team is going to send him right back down when JVR returns.

With our leading scorer gone, the Leafs now have a perfect opportunity to make up ground on Columbus. :)

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1 hour ago, radoran said:

If you're upset about being called up to the NHL because you want to play in the AHL All Star Game, you're doing it wrong.


LOL. Normally I'd agree with you. (I still "liked" your post though: :cool[1]:)  But this is the Leafs we're talking about, and this is Josh Leivo -- a guy that can't make the cut on a near last place team unless someone gets injured. The AHL all-star game was probably going to be the highlight of his pro hockey career. I feel bad for the guy.  ;)

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