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Nyquist and the Triple Crown


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I'm just asking the question we all are probably thinking to some degree: The longer Nyquist stays in the running to win the Triple Crown, does that change or not change Gustav Nyquist's marketability for a trade or not? Does it make KH not want to trade Gus just for the publicity the name brings? Maybe a better way of asking it: If Nyquist is heading for Belmont having won the Derby and at Churchill Downs, does that make KH hesitate to move Gus? Does it just make him wait a few weeks until it blows over or does it make him want to pull the trigger while the name is hot? I'm thinking the latter.

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It seems inevitable that the Wings will trade either Gus or Tatar, if Gus the horse helps improve Gus the Hockey players stock for a trade, I say go for it, strike while the iron is hot.


   It seems inevitable that one or the other is the destined scapegoat for the past season, Tatar plays a stronger overall game, even when not scoring he can hold his own defensively, Nyquist is more explosive but when he is not scoring brings nothing else to the table. We need a top 4 defenseman who can move the puck, especially with Kronwall literally playing on his last leg, what with his knee being bone on bone. Trading gus should net us that type of player. I wouldnt just trade him to get rid of him but if he would net us what our club needs, go for it. Calgary for instance has an overabundance of puck movers on the back end and a shortage of forwards. We match up well also with teams like Nashville and Columbus, possibly the Jets as well as they are measuring whether to go all in on Trouba's contract demands or to trade him at peak value. But Nyquist alone likely would not get it done, but it is a conversation starter.

Forwards who seem destined to make the team next year:









Wow, that is only 7 of the 13 forwards we need to carry. Tons of question marks. Others in the mix include:

Tyler Bertuzzi, tough strong checking winger who can score a bit. Sound familiar?

Pulkinnen not ready to write him off-yet





Of these, I see 3 of those 5 possibly 4.


Then you have:




  I do not see either of them wearing the winged wheel next year but it is possible that both do. If so, both Tatar and Nyquist are unlikely to return.


Free agents who decisions need to be made on are:

Miller, we could use his penalty killing selfless play.

Helm has slipped in recent years but the wings have a long history of being loyal to guys like this

Richards likely one and done.


I personally see:

The initial seven plus:

8) Tatar or Gus

9) Bertuzzi


11) Pulkinnen

12) ?



I see Jurco as the 13th forward so we need two regulars in the mix. Obviously the return of Pavel and adding Radulov fixes the problem but that may be a pipe dream.

  We have Z, Sheahan and Glendening down the middle with the departure of Pavel, Helm and Richards. At least one of the two open spots MUST BE a top six center. Stamkos would be insanely great, but I do not think we have the money to make it happen.


  My money is on Eric Staal. I am not a huge fan of his based off his deteriorating stats but part fo that may be playing with inferior linemates. coming to Detroit he may click on the second line, plus as a veteran like Staal fits our recent mode of operation, ask Alfie and Richads to name a few.

 If we add Staal, the lines look like this:

Abdelkader    Zetterberg    Larkin

Tatar      Staal      Mantha

Athanasiou    Sheahan   Pulkinnen

Miller   Glendening   UNKNOWN


Jurco the utility guy.


   Defense, if we trade Nyquist for a Jack Johnson or another puck mover, would improve.


 I do not see a market for Howard unless we eat a massive amount of his contract. I think we are stuck with him, a more creative organization may be able to make something happen but the conservative Wings are probably stuck with him playing 28-30 games a year and making triple what the starter makes.


  I think I hijacked your topic, lol. My apologies. YES trade Gus now while the name recognition is at its peak, get a puck mover on the back end or a top six center if you can, dont just give him away. He IMHO has more value at this time than Tatar, although I think Tatar is the better player.


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Don't really know if it will affect the trade talks on Gustav Nyquist or not, but it is awesome when your watching another sporting event and they are referencing hockey. As for the horse Nyquist I think he will do just fine in the Preakness Stakes and win that, but I don't think it will happen in the last race as it is a longer race and that other horse Exaggerator was coming really fast. With more time to catch Nyquist I think he just may get the job done.

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ohhhh boy....I can hear the convo going on in the board room between Detroit and Tampa Bay GM's........


Holland:  Cmon, Stevie...what say you help out your old team...you know, the one that helped shape you into the guy you are today, by trading Jonathan Drouin to us. Look, any package, we will throw in Nyquist..what say you?


Yzerman: Ok, ok...yea, I'd like to help out my former team, even though we are division rivals now. Sure, I will make sure Drouin goes your way, if you make absolutely sure that Nyquist is part of the deal. Oh,and make sure his trainers, rider, and entire staff come with him.


Holland: Errrr, come again?


Yzerman: Nyquist, his whole staff....Drouin IS  a 1st rounder and did well for us in the playoffs. He is worth at LEAST the horse and his staff!


Holland: H-h-horse? Oh, wait...no, I meant GUSTAV Nyquist would be part of a package. Hockey players Steve, talking hockey players here.


Yzerman: (roars laughing)-- Seriously? Look, I love and am thankful to the Red Wings, but you gotta be joking, Kenny. Look, it's the horse and his staff, or you ain't got a deal. I am only building with winners here.......


Holland: :blink[1]:

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