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Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas Knights vs. Washington Capitals

Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas Knghts vs. Washington Capitals  

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  1. 1. Who wins their first ever Stanley Cup?

    • Knights Sweep 4-0
    • Knights in 5
    • Knights in 6
    • Knights in 7
    • Capitals Sweep 4-0
    • Capitals in 5
    • Capitals in 6
    • Capitals in 7

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On 6/8/2018 at 6:02 PM, TropicalFruitGirl26 said:

Looking at the overall picture in this year's playoffs, I'd say something happened that hasn't happened probably in many many seasons:


The truly BEST teams did move on in their respective series, starting from Round 1 all the way to the Finals.

No upsets really this year. You either had the expected team move on, or ONE of the teams in a match up move on where EITHER could have just as easily moved on.


One can say the Vegas Knights upset everyone along the way, due to their expansion status, but fact is, they had a hell of a regular season, beat teams consistently there, won their division, and like it or not, basically earned their way and showed why they were the better team against everyone except Washington.


I think if you are the NHL league offices, you should be very pleased with how all this turned out.

Good teams did what they were supposed to, the so-so teams were eliminated early, a league star (Ovechkin) raises the Cup, and the league's newest team (scoffed at by many before the season started because of the location) made a hell of a showing.


Home teams for various fans being eliminated aside, I'd rate 2017-18 a very successful one for the NHL as a whole.

Now.....if they can only all get on the same page with regards to penalty calling...………………..

Completely agree. 2017-2018 was one of the successful NHL season, especially playoffs as I ever remember. All teams practically matched exclusively well during the playoff season. Agree with you also, Vegas played as a well established team through the regular and playoff season and did not upset at all. Just gave us a pleasant surprise since the beginning of the season.

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      More of the same to come, from the media and all of the experts and the haters...   VGK parades the CUP down the strip and everyone melts down...   It will be more of "The Best Team Lost", like it was with the Kings, the Sharks, the Jets and soon to be the Caps.   If Vegas is not entitled to play for and even with the Stanley Cup, then why are they one of 31 teams eligible to win it? No different than any other NHL team/Organization.   Southern Nevada has been dismissed for years and years, ignored and set aside as a transient town with no validity. There are 2.2 million people many of which are Cubs fans, Eagles Fans, Yankee Fans, Kings Fans and so on that have lived here for years just waiting for a Pro Team of their own. Win or lose, there are 29 other teams and their fans watching, wising it was their turn. It may never come around again, or it could take another 40 years to happen again. Vegas is living in the moment, and taking it in day to day, just the like the team is.   Sometimes things happen without explanation. But there is not a single player on this team that has not worked just as hard as any other NHL player, if not harder, And there is not a single player on this team that does not deserve to win a Championship through that hard work any less than any other player in the NHL.
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      Game was over on that play, IMO.   Tuch didn't do anything wrong there. I mean, you want to put that upstairs, but given that it was knuckling, it was pretty good that he got the solid shot that he did.    But when that was stopped, I said to my daughter, "they're not getting the bounces tonight.  Game over."   Great anticipation by Holtby on that.  He was moving across with the puck and almost before.        Yeah, and that's amazing in itself.  The save was incredible, but the lack of rebound was a second incredible thing on its own.      
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      Oshie getting emotional after the game. I’ve met his dad on a few occasions. Good guy.  Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.
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      That was one hell of a hockey game. Wow. Pedal to the metal for all 60 minutes.
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      They definitely swallowed their whistles. I counted 4 clear penalties that were not called, including the Reeves Cross Check in front of the net that led to his goal. Wilson can say what he says, but this did cross the line. This was not checking a player off the puck, this was trying to hurt someone.
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      Ugh I think I just threw up a little in my mouth with this final matchup. The only redeeming quality is there is not a flightless bird to be found in it.

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