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I've been saying all along the Sabres need to upgrade their center position. This medicore mish mash of Roy, Gaustad, Adam and McCormick is just not cutting the mustard. They need a legit franchise center like Getzlaf. Roy would make a fine 2nd line center, but when he is your top option....that just sucks. They just don't have a lot of talent. Obviously Vanek is a great player, Stafford is ok, Ennis is still young and could develop more....Pommenville is decent, but beyond that...not a lot of skill. I honestly belive Zack Kassian will be a Lucic clone and Armia will be a nice additon in a few years (not coming over from Finland for 2 more years).

Who knows, maybe Adam develops, but not sold on him despite being really young. I like that Cattenaci (sp) kid from Owen Sound (former Greyhound), but again, smallish type 5'10 and 180...but like his skill set. Besides Myers and McNabb their defense is just average. Horrid signings of Erhoff and Lenio will hurt them for years. They need to suck for a few years to get some cornerstones in place.

I'm not the biggest Ryan Miller fan....in fact I think he is overrated also. He's solid, but not elite, at least not in my books. I think if they were to make a move, that is what they should do, trade Miller for a legit center and a high draft pick and reformulate the team. I hate the Sabres so I hope they keep the status quo going, just good enough to miss the playoffs and not get an elite talent in the first round.;....just a blah middle of the pack team with some pretty bare cupboards.

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