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Kuznetsov suspended 3 games for cocaine

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   Evgeny Kuznetsov has been suspended for 3 regular season games to begin the year for 'Inappropriate conduct' for testing positive for cocaine while playing for Russia this past May in the Worlds. He is not appealing his suspension.


  Kuznetsov has long been a love him or hate him type, with his crazy goal celebrations and his zest for life off the ice, the year before he had a photo that hit Instagram of him in a hotel room with what looked to be cocaine in front of him from a team trip to Vegas earlier in the season. At the time Kuznetsov told the league it was not his, he went in the room saw the drugs and left and they took his word for it. He still denies doing drugs that day. He did express regret for the positive test and has entered He has voluntarilly entered a program for help with dealing with abuse.


Image result for evgeny kuznetsov cocaine


  Sorry this is so late, been a crazy summer.





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      He could always go play with Lehterrible in St. Petersburg... 👺
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      Hell of a drug.

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