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Predict the top 20 forwards in NHL 4 years from now

Guest Vanflyer

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Saw this in another forum and pirated it. The following is the OP opening post:

Predict the top twenty forwards in 4 years time.

Plain and simple. Who do you think will dominate the score sheet by the 14-15 season?


1-Claude Giroux.

2-Tyler Seguin.

3-Sidney Crosby.

4-Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

5-Taylor Hall.

6-Matt Duchene.

7-Evgeni Malkin.

8-Gabriel Landeskog.

9-Alex Ovechkin.

10-Jordan Eberle.

11-Paul Stastny.

12-Loui Eriksson.

13-Jordan Staal.

14-Niklas Backstrom.

15-Steven Stamkos.

16-Jeff Skinner.

17-Patrick Kane.

18-Evander Kane.

19-Sean Couturier.

20-Johnathan Toews.

The likelyhood that my predictions will be 100% right is ridiculously low. Also, I'm not including players in this coming draft, like Grigorenko or Yakupov.

I'd like to see who other people think will be in this list and who won't be.

EDIT: Forgot Tavares. Definitely should be in the top ten.


I personally don't think I see Staal there and would put Neal in his place.

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Better all around player? Couturier. On the scoresheet, Huberdeau. It's why guys like Kesler or Richards aren't on my list. If I was to name my top 20 players, it would be a different list.

You can put him on your list though.

Good point. I know the OP on the other board intended score sheet, so I guess that is a good clarification.

What causes you to project Huberdeau more on the score sheet than Couturier? They are 6 months apart in age, and while Coots was in his 3rd season in the Q last year, he put up nearly identical numbers to Huberdeau in his second year as Huberdeau did in his second year.

Whats the deal on the Q draft rules (ie. Couturier is 6 months older than Huberdeau, yet he already played 3 years in the Q while Huberdeau only had two at the point of last summers NHL draft).

Huberdeau does ALREADY have 28 points this year in the Q after 13 games. Makes you wonder if perhaps he might of been ready for the NHL- despite his unpolished defensive game.

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First of all I think Huberdeaus skating will help him at he NHL level. Secondly, I'll call this the "Kessel factor"...would Phil Kessel be leading the NHL if he was at all defensively responsible? To me those two factors are what will seperate Huberdeau and Couturier. If I'm winning a one goal game, I'd much rather have Couturier out on the ice though.

Couturier is a 92, Huberdeau is a 93, that's why they were drafted at different years into the Q. The NHL draft year ends Sept 15 as opposed to the end of December.,

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The other factor in the Huberdeau/Couturier debate is the depth on their respective teams in front of them. Couts might inevitably take playing time away from Briere, but is effectively blocked from the top pp unit by Giroux. Huberdeau has no such limitations....he will easily surpass Weiss when the time is right. Like both your lists, but just off the top of my head I would include Johannson from Columbus and Benn from Dallas. Benn just keeps getting better and better.

Edit...some may laugh, but Henrique has an outside shot at this list. *If* he keeps the top center job in New Jersey, he will start lighting the lamp on a regular basis. I do think he will keep that job, based on the fact he is a natural born leader, is a Jersey type player (ie defensively responsible) who is teamed with a known floater in Kovalchuck, so it offsets his cherry picking ways....but most importantly, is super smart as far as hockey sense/positioning goes...and this will only get better. This kid is the real deal with a stars skill set....mark my words.

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