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  1. Why do people keep saying this? How do we know he got the best he could get? Do you work with him? Maybe, in his eyes, he got the best he thought was available. Does not mean it was the best return. My guess is that he wanted a replacement player in the deal that could be slotted in the lineup now. He and management still think they can make the playoffs and picks or prospects won't help now. It may have been the best return for this year, but I would bet my house there was a better offer that would help next year and beyond. I dont think we are going to like the trades he turned down
  2. Me too, but this is the flyers. They will lose 5-1. hischier will have his first hat trick and the only goal the flyers will score will be in the last 5 min of the game and be scored by Manning.
  3. Well it also says the list release will be to all teams, not the fans. Im sure it will all come out soon enough though.
  4. "All 30 teams submitted their protection lists for the 2017 NHL expansion draft Saturday, setting the stage for the league to officially unveil them on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. ET." so I was wrong. Should be out now!
  5. Thought so. Could be wrong though. Just what I thought I read somewhere. I'll see if I can't find it.
  6. I'd do a late pick at most (5th, 6th, or 7th). Not a roster player unless it's amac. I may do read too, but I want a pick coming back. Maybe a 3rd. I just think raffl is too useful to just throw him out. I would do all this after the ED of course.
  7. Well, whatever happens, this off-season will be interesting to say the least
  8. Thought he played enough (I don't know) to have to be protected. If he is out 3 to 4 months, I just thought there may be better options for LV to choose for in the goalie department and hexy just gambles and protects neuvy. Or do they leave neuvy unprotected so LV takes him and not one our forwards? I would pay a lot of money to sit in the room while they discuss the plans for the ED.
  9. If they traded for Halak, he would not be here for more than the remaining year his contract. The only way I see hexy being "pressured" into signing him, is if he wins the vezna and every one of our prospects royally shits the bed. I just don't see this happening. Whatever goalie comes in, will only be here 1-3 years max, unless above situation happens. I think whatever goalie is signed, that will tell us where hexy thinks this team is in respect to making the playoffs or not. Also, with Stolarz hurt, does that mean he is left unprotected in the ed?
  10. How is the perceived number 1 overall in 2018 looking? Starting the tank now for 2018.
  11. I'm happy to see that a ****** flyers team has slowed your horrible decision making. ? Joking aside, I know what you mean. My wife gets flyers updates on her phone, and there has been a number of times this year she will get one and notice I'm not watching. She will ask why I'm not watching and I will just say something like, "I just don't feel like it". Then she walks away with a puzzled look on her face. It's almost like she is concerned for my well being. I doubt that is the case though.
  12. Didn't the same thing happen to Manning (I think) the other night too?
  13. I say that's all the more reason to bench them. Earn your God damn paycheck. If your not scoring goals, Find another way to be useful. Pouting and loafing around the ice is not helping anyone.
  14. Yes, (I didnt look up the exact rate) but it's still creeping up on a million more plus the city taxes adds to that. My guess is he was looking 8.5 from Tampa and at least 9.5 anywhere else. And that is not the "hometown discount". It's the, "I'll be making around 7 million + more over the term of the contract" discount. Point is, he will make a lot more if he sighed in Tampa, Dallas, and next year, Las Vagas.
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