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  1. I like the looks of this (or maybe Braun/Niskanen swap spots, not sure yet). Ghost on the 3rd pairing will be fine for his defensive abilities, and create matchup problems for opponents' bottom 6 forwards once he has the puck on his stick. Then add in his PP time where he can contribute points and I think it's a recipe for success for him. Then either sign Hayes if his price/term isn't too high...or use some combination of Hagg/1st round pick/prospect to trade for a solid 2C.
  2. If the Flyers could get a bottom 6 forward -- nothing flashy but a character guy with some sandpaper and playoff experience -- who could keep one of Lehtera or Weise or Leier off the ice during the playoffs...I'd be good with that if it comes at a reasonable price.
  3. Weise has good size and IIRC some sandpaper in his game, which are both badly needed in Philly. If White's demands are reasonable, I think the Flyers will still sign him as well. It's guys like Read, VV, and Umberger (already gone) who are being replaced with Gordon & Weise. If Danny B. vouched for him, that's also worth something in my book. I'm good with the signing.
  4. Yeah, this doesn't make much sense IMO. The Flyers could (and should) be looking for trades that bring cap relief and/or scoring. Simmonds is one of the very few guys on the roster that actually delivers both of those things, plus he's one of the only guys we have who is tough to play against...so I can see plenty of other teams being interested, but trading him just seems unlikely to me from the Flyers' POV.
  5. I dunno...For me about as far down the road as I can think with this team right now is a best case scenario where they end up with a top-3 draft pick for 2016.
  6. At least 12 games. I agree with previous posters though that the NHL might be really ramping up suspensions on hits to the head, so I wouldn't be surprised to see like 20 games, either. And Gudas or LSchenn or someone, anyone, needs to beat the crap out of him at the next opportunity.
  7. Agree with previous posters that Schultz and Schenn are moveable for so-so returns. I kinda feel bad for Schenn (not totally sure why), but I think he might have about 1/2 to 2/3 of this season to prove himself with the new coach, otherwise he might be gone for a bag of pucks just to make room for a newcomer. Maybe one other possibility is they sign Medvedev to an extension part way through the season (assuming he earns it) and then deal Streit at the deadline. I still like Streit and think his play and veteran presence are valuable, but that's also what makes him tradable. He would bring a good return at the deadline. Medvedev is 4 (or 5?) years younger and could fill the on-ice role Streit plays now, probably minus the leadership though just due to the language barrier. As I said, I like Streit but wouldn't be opposed to this if the return was solid. And obviously I'm on the same long cruise aboard the SS Pipe Dream with all the rest of you...That the Flyers find some way to move MacDud...But it's basically a forlorn hope.
  8. I'm definitely sympathetic to him having a lousy coach, deadweight line mates, and being moved all over the lineup. Honestly I think that combination of factors would be tough on any young player. It certainly hasn't *helped* his development, that's for sure. With that said, to me the weird thing with Schenn is I don't feel like I know what kind of player he is, or what he ceiling might be -- even though he's still young, these things at least are usually discernible after a couple years in the NHL. He still needs to establish his identity and potential as a player, both of which are still kind of undefined at this stage. Hopefully Hakstoll will provide a clear role for him and a lot more structure than he's had so far. That would at least give him a fighting chance to establish himself, otherwise I think he'll be trade bait. I do think he has the potential to be one of those guys who gets discarded in one place (Philly) and finds success (at least on some level) with a change of scenery.
  9. ...Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$. I hate the idea, but I could totally see it happening. Ugh.
  10. Maybe Sweeney is the new Holmgren? Fine by me...I just hope Hexy has his number on speed dial, the Flyers could use a foolish trading partner right about now for more than just Rinaldo (i.e., VLC, Umberger, AMac).
  11. That's freakin' awesome. Addition by subtraction. A 3rd rounder is just icing on the cake. Up next...Vinnie & AMac to Boston for a case of Sam Adams. Make the call, Hexy!
  12. +1 on "wow." Those are some strong words form Lombardi, basically saying Richards's word was worthless. So not just a comment on his play, but o his character. Can't help his chances of finding a new team. It's hard to understand how Richie could be so completely over the hill at just 30. At this point I'm just hoping he doesn't become a post-career tragedy story in some way or another. I can't help thinking there are other factors at play here...personal, chemical, psychological...something? It just doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Yeah, I'm totally cool with giving Gagner a chance to revitalize his career. With just one year left on his contract, it's basically a no-risk proposition for the the Flyers. Moderate upside and really no downside to it. It's not like they're are a contender this year, so if he fails it doesn't really hurt the team in the broader sense, nor are we saddled long-term with an underperforming contract. And I was thoroughly underwhelmed with most of our bottom 6 forwards last season. Maybe Gagner can become part of the solution to that problem. So I say, best of luck Sam Gagner -- here's hoping you take this opportunity and run (skate?) with it!
  14. Not without Holmgren calling the shots! [ huge sigh of relief ]

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