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  1. I pony up for the NHL.tv single-team subscription option, I think it's $89. You can get a 10% discount if you use a Discover card to pay. They blackout nationally televised games though which is exceedingly annoying. However if one were so inclined, one could in theory use a VPN service to connect to those games from a server with a non-US IP address. Just theoretically of course.
  2. For me the question above is the one I keep thinking about. The team from the regular season and the team from the playoffs looked like two completely different squads. Same players, same coaches, Jekyll & Hyde on ice performance. There were maybe 60 total minutes of hockey between the MTL and NYI series when the Flyers kinda looked like themselves. WTF happened, and which of these realities is for real? The Playoff Flyers seemed to either not be trying (coaching?) or not be able (players? conditioning?) to play the kind of hockey that made the Regular Season Flyers so good and s
  3. Hmmm...I'd rather see Hagg in the lineup over Braun. And agree with others' suggestions of taking a look at Frost in for Thompson. Maybe try swapping him in/out with Grant on the 3rd & 4th line to see what works best.
  4. JVR is so weird...it's not like he's killing them with terrible turnovers or abysmal defense to the point where it's obviously addition by subtraction if you pull him in favor of anyone at all...he's just kinda there taking up space and shifts. He's the definition of someone waiting to lose his roster spot to a player who fulfills any role better than JVR fulfills his.
  5. They could have Grant center the 4th line. So 14, 13, 21 and 38 for centers. JVR's been a non-factor but I can't decide if the team gains anything by subbing in someone like Frost or Bunnaman or _____ ? I worry that Frost might not be ready for the playoffs but it's not like I'd be upset if that sat JVR and plugged in just about anyone to see what happens. Or just leave JVR in and hope he eventually shows up for a game or two like the guy from the Boston series back in the day.
  6. Man, at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful Philly sports fan, that had to be the least satisfying playoff series win I've ever experienced. The Flyers looked like a completely different team to the one we saw during the regular season. None of those games were fun to watch, and the "real Flyers" this year were a lot of fun to watch. I wonder if this is how Devils fans felt during the 90s and 2000s...? I'm sure some of it was down to the Canadiens' play taking Philly off their game, but man I hope they find themselves again in time for the next series. The intensity and executi
  7. I like the looks of this (or maybe Braun/Niskanen swap spots, not sure yet). Ghost on the 3rd pairing will be fine for his defensive abilities, and create matchup problems for opponents' bottom 6 forwards once he has the puck on his stick. Then add in his PP time where he can contribute points and I think it's a recipe for success for him. Then either sign Hayes if his price/term isn't too high...or use some combination of Hagg/1st round pick/prospect to trade for a solid 2C.
  8. If the Flyers could get a bottom 6 forward -- nothing flashy but a character guy with some sandpaper and playoff experience -- who could keep one of Lehtera or Weise or Leier off the ice during the playoffs...I'd be good with that if it comes at a reasonable price.
  9. Weise has good size and IIRC some sandpaper in his game, which are both badly needed in Philly. If White's demands are reasonable, I think the Flyers will still sign him as well. It's guys like Read, VV, and Umberger (already gone) who are being replaced with Gordon & Weise. If Danny B. vouched for him, that's also worth something in my book. I'm good with the signing.
  10. Yeah, this doesn't make much sense IMO. The Flyers could (and should) be looking for trades that bring cap relief and/or scoring. Simmonds is one of the very few guys on the roster that actually delivers both of those things, plus he's one of the only guys we have who is tough to play against...so I can see plenty of other teams being interested, but trading him just seems unlikely to me from the Flyers' POV.
  11. I dunno...For me about as far down the road as I can think with this team right now is a best case scenario where they end up with a top-3 draft pick for 2016.
  12. At least 12 games. I agree with previous posters though that the NHL might be really ramping up suspensions on hits to the head, so I wouldn't be surprised to see like 20 games, either. And Gudas or LSchenn or someone, anyone, needs to beat the crap out of him at the next opportunity.
  13. Agree with previous posters that Schultz and Schenn are moveable for so-so returns. I kinda feel bad for Schenn (not totally sure why), but I think he might have about 1/2 to 2/3 of this season to prove himself with the new coach, otherwise he might be gone for a bag of pucks just to make room for a newcomer. Maybe one other possibility is they sign Medvedev to an extension part way through the season (assuming he earns it) and then deal Streit at the deadline. I still like Streit and think his play and veteran presence are valuable, but that's also what makes him tradable. He would bring a
  14. I'm definitely sympathetic to him having a lousy coach, deadweight line mates, and being moved all over the lineup. Honestly I think that combination of factors would be tough on any young player. It certainly hasn't *helped* his development, that's for sure. With that said, to me the weird thing with Schenn is I don't feel like I know what kind of player he is, or what he ceiling might be -- even though he's still young, these things at least are usually discernible after a couple years in the NHL. He still needs to establish his identity and potential as a player, both of which are still k
  15. ...Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$. I hate the idea, but I could totally see it happening. Ugh.
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