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  1. I have been a Ranger fan for a very, very long time. I have enjoyed the good times and struggled through the bad. Unfortunately there were more bad than good. But as a true fan, I stuck with my team through thick and thin. One of the most traumatic times for me was the eighteen year rein of Glen Sather as president & GM of the Rangers. His instance to trade 1st round picks for for players like Rick Nash who was missing from the playoff's while taking up space on the ice baffled me. I eventually figured out that a lot of these decisions were made by James Dolan. Owner & CEO of the Rangers. When Jeff Gorton was promoted to GM, I started to see hope again and it appears that the hope is getting stronger and stronger. The other positive in my opinion is bringing J.D. back as president. I now feel that the Rangers have people at the top who are not going to make rash decisions & who are actually going to stay the course. Lately, the Rangers have had a bit of luck in being able to draft Kakko, trade for Truba, sign Adam Fox, Sign the breadman and draft an assortment of what appears to be high end talent. At this point in time I am optimistic, but guarded with my expectations. They still have to find a way to sign for RFA's with just around 8 mil in cap space. They have to figure out a way to shed some salary while maintaining a respectable roster and for me, the jury is out on Lindy Ruff. I don't understand why he is there other than he has NHL head coaching experience and is probably there to mentor Quinn. Hopefully, the Rangers will let him go after this year. Time will tell. Anyway, I think this is going to be a fun summer and a productive one. I will sleep easier once Truba is under contract for a long term. Comments Welcome.
  2. So, for the past 20 or so years there has been a saying going around by just about any rapper that has a voice and a microphone; "Don't hate the player, Hate the game." So I ask you why all of this negative feedback on the Vegas Golden Knights? Think about it, They have a GM who couldn't ice a team to get out of the second round so Washington fired him. They have a coach that couldn't get the team into the playoffs and when he did they were out in the first round, so not only was he fired but the Panthers Brass humiliated him and sent him away in a marked taxicab. Then there are the players themselves. A mixture of third and fourth liners with second and third pair defensemen who couldn't break the lineups of their old teams and were in many cases throwaways. I don't know about you, but other than Marc Andre Fleury, James Neal, and Jonathan Marchessault, I didn't know any of the other players except Oscar Lindberg and that's because he was a Ranger at one time and I am a Ranger fan. The truth is George McPhee did his homework. Gerard Gallant formulated a system and a bunch of third & fourth liners who had something to prove bought into it and showed the hockey world "what's up! If 50% of the twitter world wants to hate on something, maybe they should hate on their GM's who can't draft properly & find some gems either by trade or Free agency. There are teams that are perennial bottom feeders and that's because of the front office, Not the Vegas Golden Knights. And don't forget the teams that are stuck in the dredded middle either. One more thing; If you can't find it in your hearts to hate these inept GM's and retread coaches, then hate Gary Bettman since he is the the guy who came up with this format in the first place. Let's face it. no matter how you feel about the VGK's you have to admit that all the stars aligned on this one and the Jersey's are nice too. This is going to be an epic series and I can't wait for this final to start tomorrow night. Good luck to both teams.
  3. So, I have been a Ranger fan since 1971. As a fan I have not always agreed with their business practice concerning how the team was run. Afterall, any sports franchise that has been around for ninety-two years and only has four championships to show for it must be doing something wrong. Until now; Ever since Jeff Gorton announced the team was going into a different direction there has been a ton of speculation as to what the Rangers are up to. Are they rebuilding or retooling? Although Gorton hasn't said, I believe it's a little bit of both. Right now the Rangers have in excess on $30,000,000.00 in cap space and I have read the cap is going up so it will probably around $33,000,000.00. So that helps. This allows the team to sign the restricted free agents that they want to keep and I am sure some will probably move on to other teams. This also allows the Rangers to add a couple of vets to help the newbies acclimate to the NHL and it's style of play. The one thing that I am most excited about is the Firing of the coaching staff, because I was watching Neil Poink & John Gilmore and I picked up on two things; Both are capable of being NHL defensemen but neither had the NHL smarts to keep the puck out of the net. I blame that on A.V and his staff. Although I am sure he didn't listen to Ruff or anyone else. Then I look at the NHL playoffs and watch Dan Girardi excel in his role with the Bolts and I say to myself "Is this the same guy the Rangers bought out?" Or better yet, "Is this the same guy that made all those ugly mistakes under A.V.?" I'm glad the Rangers are not looking for an NHL retred and are exploring all options. I get the feeling that this time the Rangers are going to do the right thing and stop plugging in hasbeens and other teams tarnished stars in an attempt to steel a cup. Don't get me wrong; I understand that the Rangers are going to go through some growing pains and it's not going to be pretty. But there is going to be hope and watching the young guys grow is going to be exciting.
  4. Just want to say that I am glad to see the GM's going outside the old-boy network of coaches and getting these guys from the College Ranks and the minors to coach their teams. It's about time the NHL GM's stop recycling these NHL coaches who spend five years on a team, get fired and get hired the following week. The gravy days are over for these guys and this is going to be the norm going forward.
  5. So, for the past several seasons teams that have not been playoff contenders and had the possibility of getting the first overall pick would lighten up ( Nice way of saying "Tank") so they could get the first pick in the draft. Then the NHL noting the problem decided to institute a lottery system for the five worst teams to deter that way of thinking. When that didn't work the way they thought, the NHL decided to put weights on the picks to make it harder for these teams to get the first pick. But,that still didn't work because even though they weighed the chances of picking first, the teams would still slow down with the hope of getting the first pick. This was troubling to the NHL hierarchy because poor performance means poor gate receipts and the league wasn't having it and had to figure out a way to stop that way of thinking and .....They Did This past week during the board of governors meetings, the Owners and GM's decided to change the lottery weight system to discourage non playoff teams from tanking. So, here is what the did; The way it is setup now the five teams with the least amount of points have a weighted chance of 43.4% (Combined) of getting the first overall pick While the other ten teams out of the playoffs have a 56.6% chance of getting the #1. What this means is even though an NHL team is one of the five lowest teams in the rankings, there is no guarantee these teams will get the first overall pick. So right now teams like Buffalo and Arizona have a slimmer chance of getting the #1 than say The New York Teams of Calergy. This is a smart move by the B.O.G's because it forces the teams to try and present a better product even if they are not playoff contenders. Great Job. NHL!!
  6. I am so happy that Gorton traded away all those players. Think about it; Nash & Grabner were going to become UFA's so anything they could get is better than nothing. The team is not going to win a cup for the foreseeable future so they did McDonough & Miller a favor sending them to Tampa. I think they should have nudged Lunquist to agree to a trade. Remember Raymond Bourke, Dominick Hasek & Patrick Roy? All three were traded by their respective teams so they could win a cup and all three did. There is no shame in that and lets face it, Hank may not win a cup with the Rangers. He is going to be 36 and will be at the end of his contract by the time he is 38. Unless Gorton strikes it rich with a new coach and gets really lucky with the players he traded for as well as the prospects and the new kids currently on the block. That will be the one trophy that has never gets to touch. Speaking of a new coach; I think we can all agree that AV will be no more. Good Riddance...
  7. Going back a few weeks ago when the Rangers were on their famous winless streak, Dave Maloney was on an interview with NHL Radio on Sirius XM talking about the Rangers shortcomings. One of the things he said about the state of the Rangers was this (And not word for word) Basically he said " Unfortunately, the Rangers are a team that do not believe in building with youth. They are in the constant hunt for the cup using star players from other teams and ownership is more interested in having celebrities in the seats with a couple of stars on the team." Now , this is what he said (Not me) and like I said not word for word but you get the picture. Remember that movie from a long time ago called Field of Dreams with Kevin Kostner and James Earl Jones ? There was a scene where James Earl Jones said that famous line; "If you build it, they will come" Well for me that is the mindset of the Ranger organization; "If We Ice them, they will come." Now it is unlikely that Cablevision will sell MSG and everything associated with it anytime soon to include the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty and all the other holdings, but if James Dolan decided to sit back and allow management to do their jobs, the Rangers could have a shot at some point. But not the way they are going it now. So... I present my seven keys to Rangers Success 1. Allow Jeff Gorton to do his job without interference from ownership 2. Relieve Glen Sather of his duties 3. Fire Alain Vigneault 4. Send Henrick to a contender 5. Shed some salary (Nash, Stall) (* Resign Nash for less cash) 6. Amass assets through trades and draft 7. Play the kids so they can learn and build from within MSG makes money in spite of themselves. Unfortunately, when you have that much money to burn a sports franchise becomes more of a toy to play with rather than an asset you try to build on.
  8. The season is like 11 games old for the Rangers and they have managed to win two games. Both against teams that are worse than them. And of course, the color people on MSG made a big deal out of it. What a joke. This team has been mismanaged by the likes of Dave Checketts and most notably, Glen Sather. I suspect the real culprit is Jim Dolan son of the owner of Cablevision and the head of the sports division of MSG. They continued to trade away first round draft picks for other stars. Some at the end of their career and other that had an upside but were mismanaged. The Rangers have many problems that have for many years manifested themselves on the ice. As much as I love the Rangers If I were a pro hockey player, that would be the last team I would want to play for if I were looking for a championship. A couple of weeks ago, before the Pittsburgh game, Dave Maloney was on NHL radio talking about the Rangers woes. He reluctantly admitted that the Rangers are an organization that is more concerned about having big names on the roster to attract stars in the seats than trying to build a team through the draft. Besides, I am not too impressed with the scouting staff anyway. Even when the Rangers did draft in the first round they let a bunch of current NHL stars get away for the likes of Hugh Jessiman, Bobby Sanguinetti , Al Montoya and Dylan Mcillrath . Just like in the movie Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner was told "If you build it, they will come" That is the mindset of the Rangers organization. "If you ice a team they will come." MSG is more concerned about the bottom line than they are about winning a championship & it shows every season . When they fired John Tortorella did they go out and find the best coach for the team? The answer is NO! Instead they went out and found a coach that still had star power. Here is a guy that took Vancouver to the Finals and lost. Then to the conference finals and lost. Then to the first round and (Guess what) Lost. So what does he do, He takes the Rangers to the finals and lost. Then he takes them to the conference finals and lost and he takes them to the first round and ...LOST! BTW, last years playoffs; the Rangers didn't lose to the Sens, AV did. Every time it gets real, he falls through his ass. And that is a fact! I have been told that the shelf life of an NHL coach is around four to five years. After that the team just tunes him out. I think it's about time the Rangers cut bait & get rid of AV. They finally have a normal thinking GM so maybe it's time to get a new voice in the locker room. One who knows how to coach a professional hockey team!
  9. Rick Nash never had a future as a Ranger. But then again, Who has?
  10. Please Allow me to clarify something: The article I read said that the NHLPA & The NHL both have the "Option" to terminate the CBA after this upcoming season. In other words, this is not an option that has to have mutual approval. If either side decides to do this then there is a more than 90% chance of a stoppage. The one thing I forgot to mention is that the other reason the players are disgruntled is because of the 2018 Olympics not being on the table this time around. One of the things the article mentioned is that the NHL (The league) has a net worth of Four Billion Dollars while the NFL (The League) has a net worth of Sixty-two Billion Dollars while MLB has a net worth of Thirty-Six Billion Dollars. Because of this, there is only so much money to go around. And that is a problem the owners face. If I were to read between the lines I would have to conclude that Gary Bettman is the major problem here. True the NHL had it's problems as a league prior to him being named a commissioner but it seems that ever since he has come into the league there has been more ciaos than harmony. I lost count of the lockouts because of him. Plus he wants to expand the league which is a drain on the talent pool of a hard game to play while putting teams in venues that don't support hockey. The imbalance of teams from the east to the west with the absurd travel schedule of the western teams is a joke. He puts a team in Vegas which is good but he snubs Seattle . HUH? Quebec is looking to get back into the NHL but he won't move any failing teams to that venue & allow them to thrive. This guy has flipped the script. He is supposed to be working for the owners but it seems that it is the other way around. Then he wonders why he gets booed every time he makes a public appearance. I see no reasonable answer in sight.
  11. I’m going to use the New York Rangers as an example because this is the team that I follow, but this post deals pretty much with all thirty-one NHL teams. I receive push notifications on my Android phone for subjects that I am interested in. One of those subjects is the NHL. The last push notification I received concerning the NHL stated that after this upcoming season the NHLPA has the option of terminating the current CBA. This option is also extended to the NHL. So, if the NHLPA terminates the CBA it is a work stoppage. But, if the NHL terminates the CBA it is a lockout. (Po-ta-toe - PoTah-toe) The article goes on to say that around ninety-five percent of the players are disgruntled because of the fifteen percent escrow they are forced to pay the owners and this is the main reason the CBA may be terminated early. The reason I am bringing this up is to 1. To prepare everyone for another lockout and 2. To talk about a second amnesty buyout that is sure to be on the negotiating table. This was brought up in the article and it sounds like something that will probably fly for the second time. The reason I am bringing this up is because just about every NHL team has at least one contract that they would love to get off the books, but they can’t because they don’t want to carry a negative cap hit for ex amount of seasons. The Rangers have one of those in Marc Staal. He is carrying a five + million dollar contract for the next four years and if he were to be bought out, the cap hit would extend for eight years and would be money that they are charged with but can’t use. Not Good! I will say this; if I were a GM in this league, I would propose at the next GM’s meeting that the No move, No trade contracts be off the table. This helps all thirty-one NHL clubs. The players have this as leverage but if all the GM’s said “NO” to this then the teams would be able to operate without a gun to their collective heads. The notion that a player is not capable of playing for a team or is not in their plans but has to remain because of that stupid agreement is crazy. These guys are not hurting for money but yet they continue to milk every penny they can get without any regard for other players on the team. Normally I side with the players, but in this case I have to go with management on this one. They cry because they are being underpaid, but this is the sport they chose in a league that only has a net worth of four billion dollars and is fourth or fifth in popularity. Oh Well…
  12. Bad news is Hank & Nash have no trade no move contracts. Good news is this is Nash's last year on his
  13. I love what the Rangers have done so far. They re-signed Branden Smith. Kevin Shattenkirk gave them a hometown discount & left $$$$$$$$$$$ on the table. So for now I think the "D" has made great strides from what they had last year. And besides, we will find out more about D'angelo when the season starts in October. About the 1st line center position: Listen, the Rangers aren't going to win the cup this year, but they are going to be better. I think that they should take a kid from the farm and put him in the 4th line spot and see what shakes out. You never know what can happen. Maybe this kid they drafted 7th makes the squad. Obviously Gorton must have had a plan before allowing Stephan to go to the desert. One thing I will say about him, he always has a trick up his sleeve. Time will tell. Just hope Hank comes back to form this year. All in all, I think the Rangers will be better. But,,,,, Let's not forget they are in the Metro Division and that could be tough for them. Time will tell
  14. So over the past few days I have been reading that the Rangers need changes. Just about all of these comments have come from Ranger Beat Writers. I am the first one to admit that they do need some help starting with their defense and maybe three forwards should go if possible. Then there is always the expansion draft to consider. Does anyone remember John Tortorella? He was the coach who routinely snapped at the press corp and berated certain reporters. He was always nasty with the press which bought him no good will. Then here comes A.V. Nice guy; pleasant with the press. Answers all their questions and even jokes with them. That's nice, except no one from the press corp has even broached the other glowing issue; " THE COACH" I know I sound like a broken record, but like they say; "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." So, by definition, A.V. must be insane? Come to think of it; Me too... Think about it, The Rangers should have won games 2 & 5 but they didn't and the reason was because Alain Vigneault kept on putting older less mobile defense men out there and benching his best "D" Pair in Smith and Skjei. ( Remember No 76's two goals in game two?) He has been known to do this his whole career and it always gets him close to the dance but always without the prize. The Ranger organization should fire A.V and promote Scott Arneil in his place. He knows the players and the system and he is more progressive than A.V. Plus he can hit the ground running. Time will tell on this one. But if I were the GM, I would certainly consider sending AV on his way & inserting a coach that is not afraid to use his bench. Any Comments?
  15. I have no doubt that the Rangers will win another cup before I die. They just won't do it with AV at the helm. He will always be the guy who came in second.

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