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  1. The list of Wild goaltending prospects, aka development projects, that have turned into a success is a very short one. Actually, in the history of Wild there isn't a single goalie drafted by the Wild who's been a clear cut starter for more than a season. Although Backstrom began his career with the Wild, he was undrafted. Lots of failures though for one reason or another (Harding, Kuemper, Khudobin, Hackett). This speaks volumes. The Wild no **** about developing their goalie prospects.
  2. Kahkonen will be another name in the list of prospects getting hosed by the Wild organization. LOL. So the team has no #1 goalie and what do they do: overpay a washed-up goalie and hand a two way contract to the best goalie in the AHL last year. LMAO, can you provide a motivational speech than that.
  3. Granted, he hasn't scored enough but the few games I've seen of him he's been physical, though. Or dare I put it this way; of the current Wild roster he's one of few ****s in a bunch of *****es.
  4. Koivu heading to Columbus according to LeBrun. One year, $1.5 million. Just looking at that salary I reckon the Wild were very anxious to get rid of him.
  5. Jordan Greenway signed a two-year, $4.2 million contract to remain with the Minnesota Wild on Saturday. IMO a much better signing than the previous one of Talbot.
  6. Yeah, that was a good start. If anything, you could've gone into my details and add little bit of more of your own interpretation. Next time, bud!
  7. Good thing you added that smiley... Yeah, it seems the Wild Twitter is pretty divided with this one too. Like always, everyone is right on the money with their opinion.
  8. Um, so a prospect can't be hot without NHL games? That's why they are prospects! When you get voted as the best goalie in the AHL, you're pretty darn good. The Capitals decided to make Samsonov their #1 goalie and throw Vezina winner Holtby out... Samsonov is YOUNGER than Kahkonen and has played LESS games than Kahkonen in NA. And as their back-up the Capitals acquired Lundqvist for #1.5 million. This comparison alone makes the Wild's move look like rubbish. Yeah, Holtby wants to win so why come to Minnesota? Besides, he's Canadian. Um, so the Wild wants to avoid another Kuemper "situation" by signing an old back-up goalie to continue where Dubnyk left off? To play so bad you get traded. Buddy, you're hanging on to very slippery straws... The most interesting fact would be to know did Talbot get NMC and for how long?
  9. It's senseless to sign a guy who was replaced by a rookie goaltender from his clear cut #1 goalie position in Edm and now when you have a red hot, cheap goalie prospect, you throw another obstacle based on 36(!) friggin games. And commit to $11 mil. while doing so... Signing Holtby for that sum and term would've made somewhat more sense. But the Vezina trophy winner settled for less just so he could get to Vancouver. Admirable!
  10. Exactly. As soon as they got rid of a washed-up veteran goalie with a year in his contract, they go and acquire another one. For THREE years. SMH
  11. That has got to be the only option since they suck wheat on signing FA's. Cam friggin Talbot... SMH
  12. Signing Cam Talbot for three years, $11 million contract! Not sure why they did it. Okay, they have two inexperienced goalies but still... Talbot's been trending downwards for a while and this team most likely won't be a contender in the next three years. If they included NMC for all those years, this is definitively a facepalm move. Unless Talbot plays lights out, for three years...
  13. In the grand scheme of things it's all good and I know you agree with me. Most of the old slugs are out and Guerin isn't persuading veteran FA's with money to come and play for the Wild. Rossi might even sneak in the top 2 lines and be given a a good look since quite frankly, the list of centers the Wild has now is probably the worst in say 15 years? #1 and #2 center spots are basically for anyone to fight for. Yeah, the more I think of it I find myself thinking they might throw Rossi straight in the deep end if he's any good. Nothing new in it, the league is full of examples.
  14. Maybe Bonino but as things stand, Bjugstad and Johansson aren't viewed as rentals who can give a boost to a team. Their previous teams dumped them and Guerin decided to roll a dice.

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