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  1. At least this time the Wild will be in with a shout. This is a poorly constructed, disastrous team. I'd be amazed if they don't end up in the league bottom4 come April. Someone already suggested this might be the worst Wild team ever. Not the worst roster, IMO definitely not, but the team has zero cohesion and is out-of-date really, with too many passengers just going through the motions.
  2. On the bright side, the Wild have a legit shot at a top3 pick after the season is finished.
  3. 7 goals in 4 games. He scored 7 goals in 63 games last season. Hands down, Oilers is a big winner in Neal-Lucic trade like many of us thought. He's on a roll but will it last?
  4. Maybe the offensive corps should carry out their defensive duties better and worry about scoring only after that. And hey Mats - don't start throwing your line mates under the bus already. It's not like your game has been superior to anyone. Then again, did someone really think he'd be as good as Granlund? SMH
  5. Koivu's cliche is an all time (hate) favorite of mine: "We have to be better". I would suspect that Koivu himself doesn't have a clue that phrase doesn't mean anything. But he probably doesn't care one iota either.
  6. "The Core." I predicted before the season they'd be bottom of the pile and... well, they are. Replacements for Granny: Fiala - 0 points, -3 Zuccarello - 0 points, -5 Granny - 3 points, +1 Since they can't trade any of the "The Core" they will make another desperate move and trade Zucker and dig an even bigger hole and still be a bottom feeder. What a mess... This will be a long rebuild
  7. Nice job by the Jets. Easy to get rid of this contract...and player. And based on last season I'd suspect he will get traded. Especially when it seems he's one of the players causing mayhem in the locker room.
  8. I watched it for a period. A few observations: - the Stars had Klingberg, Janmark, Benn, Lindell, Polak scratched, the Wild Staal - enough said - Zuccarello has hands but he goes like a shy kid asking for candy on a Halloween night to corners. If he continues to play like that, soft like Pominville, he has to be one helluva player outside the perimeter to be effective and an upgrade over Granny (who at times went to the corners head first which obviously is not recommended either) - for that 20 minutes there were horrible amount of turnovers, puck flying all over the place. IMO both teams lacked many good qualities in their game. How much did the poor viewers pay to see that show... But yeah, I would say this game didn't remove the "bottom feeder" label detached to the Wild. Still early days, lynx.
  9. Well you know, it's intermission time.
  10. That's setting the bar really low, don't you think... Seriously, sounds like Guerin is up to the task. Doesn't sound like a "we-only-need-a-few-tweaks" clown. And also hinting that Koivu's time is up will he be fit or not. But yeah, who does he think of getting at this time of year...and with what price. Zucker for Patrick sounds alright. What's the catch other than Patrick is injured?
  11. I agree. The Canes shot themselves in the leg. Very low value in return. Didn't want to pay $6.5 mil. a year for 7 years? No one does, really. The only thing against Faulk I think of (well two): - offensively not great numbers for a guy constantly on the PP - needs to improve defensively but with the right pair in the Blues... A good thread to return to in couple of months!
  12. The Wild beating Colorado's B squad 4-3. Watched only a 3 min. recap but I think that was enough. Dubnyk gave up 3 soft goals, Staal looked slow although he did score against Colorado's 3rd string goalie. Zuccarello has hands, we all know that but can he still showcase them when the opponent has more size and skills? Suter logging almost 30 mins. in a meaningless pre-season game is funny and sad at the same time. The man just keeps on dictating things. Tonight another go - good luck.
  13. Exactly. Spurgeon's deal is even crazier when you compare him to newly signed Chabot: 22 years old, 1st round pick, scored 55 points last season (his 2nd), 8Y/$8 mil. per, for the first 4 years NO clause whatsoever and only a 10 team NTC after that. 30 years old, 6th round pick, scored career high 43 last season (his 9th!), 7Y/$7,5 mil. per and some gd clause in each year. Crazy that a player with so much less to show for gets SO much better a contract. The Wild organization just can't get it right... or can't (won't?) play hardball with anyone.
  14. I'm a lazy writer these days. Crease summed it up nicely. Me being pessimistic of this deal has nothing to do with Spurgie being favorite or not. In the grand scheme things a below average deal... for the Wild. Another nail in the coffin to be a bottom feeder for the next 5 years. Jared is a nice guy and an above average D-man but paying him like this with a NMC for 4 years while all the slow, veterans with their comfortable NMC of their own hanging in the background... unreal. Where is the unselfish Kevin Labanc of the Wild...
  15. Spurgeon has always been one of my favorites, but seriously...
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