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  1. How about that - a "true" leader! The sooner they get rid of him, the better for the Wild. He should have been bought out or traded for a pair of used condoms years ago.
  2. Fleury >>>> Talbot and quite frankly, it's not even close. Was and still is a bad signing.
  3. About effin time they did it! Kind of a big move to scratch a player with that kind of contract, though.
  4. Uh, what a bunch of sissies... Of course they and we all want a post-game after each and every game. It is meant to be in that way. Long live the original dead and buried Wild boards!
  5. I get your point but I think it's more of a symbolic value than anything else. Heck, I think MacDermid will probably remember better a month from now his NHL20 box scores than Foligno's message.
  6. The Wild cut ties with Dubnyk a couple of seasons too late but life goes on.
  7. Or are they purposely increasing the length of suspensions even for first time offenders...? Interesting to see how they react to Dube on Kotkaniemi.
  8. In general I think these back-to-back games are a good innovation. They could tense up rivalry. But in this particular case, it might lead to a disaster if the other party is already crippled before the opening puck. I think the Avs smell blood and my God, do they have offensive prowess or what. 6-2.
  9. I don't know... two guys with visors on going at it for 10 seconds. The league has pretty much killed fighting, and although I miss the 80's badly, that is good.
  10. Or rather taken behind IN the woodshed. Man, that was ugly but that's the reality of this team, too. Not enough talent. 100% rebuild if you ask me.
  11. I was very skeptical of Guerin's center acquisitions in the off-season. What is your hot take from a small sample size so far - is the Wild screwed because of not enough of high end talent in C?
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