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  1. Yeah. Most of the current players aren't interested in getting dirt under their (polished) finger nails. They just want to skate up and down, send messages with their IPhones during the intermissions, play Fortnite or whatever after the games, get their millions with scoring a few goals... Getting bruised in a fight?! Why bother.
  2. Plus Marleau wasn't of any use for them anymore. Plenty of fresh young guns at their disposal. Any money for Marner is worth it. Love it how the Canes aren't afraid to mix it up a bit, both on and off the ice.
  3. Not so sure about this, yave. From my view point they've been making lately some solid moves. Nedeljkovic might be the next binnington, Reimer brings experience, Darling out, Haula in, Ferland would've been a costly pair of knuckles, Svechnikov with more experience heading into the season.... Not entirely impossible for me to start supporting them....
  4. ...and all the Blues' players who went on to win the SC. Masterminded by even a worse goon than Yeo. His former assistant. Previously fired by the Flyers. Funny really. What goes around, comes around I guess.
  5. "Star Talent that passed through Minnesota"... "Matt Cooke"... #theeuphemismofalltime
  6. Latendresse had talent for sure but I don't think he even had a breakthrough year...
  7. Well, me thinks that's not a stupendous acquisition.
  8. Easily avoidable. The Oils don't give Neal minutes on Mac's PP unit and Lucic... well, play just like you do.
  9. Hard to really start arguing about the players you selected. That's a well constructed group. On the top of my head I'll say: Devin Setoguchi. I don't think the Wild got what they wanted out of him or just couldn't find a role for him. He WAS in his prime, 24 years old and having scored 73 goals combined in the three previous seasons when joining the Wild. But nothing would come of it. He should've been a top 6 forward for a few years. But I guess since he failed after that elsewhere too his years with the Sharks were more or less a fluke.
  10. Ouch, that kind of hurt me. Loved her voice and still do. Your offensive depth is improving. Sure I was joking, a tad, but I seriously believe you'll have a better team.
  11. Don't worry bud. Enjoy the ride while it lasts. (um, might have said the same thing to my spouse on our wedding night...anyways) In just a couple of months your team and personnel has improved a lot. And now Lucic gone...? Go and buy yourself a lottery ticket already!
  12. Milan just climbed to a much better team. No offense JR. But getting him elsewhere was good for you guys. And with Tippett in, the upcoming season looks much better. Do I sense the smell of sweaty playoff jock straps in Edmonton again?
  13. Ain't that the truth? An excellent, analytical article! I probably couldn't agree with you more. If any Wild fan is excited about the upcoming season... I'd advice not to hold breath.
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