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  1. Svechnikov did enter the league as an 18 y old kid, Kaprizov was 23. That's a pretty big difference. Will Svechnikov make as many headlines as Kaprizov in two years, I don't know but the difference between those two IMO isn't really that big despite Kaprizov's awesome rookie season. I'm sure you and me and the Russian hockey channels will be much wiser after the upcoming season. I'm thinking Kaprizov will have his hands full of keeping Andrei behind him in that pecking order rather than surpassing any of those guys above him. I guess it's pretty clear already but I really, real
  2. Alex, who is "they"? IMO that's some list "they" put him on the 6th place. Vasilevskiy is the least experienced of those 6 and to this date he's played 302 games and won both Vezina and Conn Smythe Trophy. IMHO Kaprizov's cinderella run under extraordinary circumstandes is getting way too much appreciation. I wonder who was right behind Kirill in that list?
  3. I was comparing their contracts. Both risky at the time of signing, no denying of that. Lion? We'll see. Last season he had something to prove. In the upcoming season, who knows. If the Wild win more in the regular season than last year, it was an ok move. If the Wild have a deep run, you could argue it was an excellent move. The time span is short though; the Wild have to get some results in the next two seasons, otherwise they're screwed. Guerin agreed? It would've been a real marketing failure to express contrary feelings right after the signing. Guerin: "I mean, he'
  4. The Wild organization repeating it's own blatant errors from time to time with these anchor contracts even if that you-know-who schmuck is no longer with the team. Too much money and years cemented on a seemingly selfish player who's even not fully committed to the team to begin with. First he won't sign and then he demands two years worth of NTC. To be or not to be. A very bad deal which most likely will haunt the Wild, like it did in the case of Parise and Suter. Nice job Wild of ensuring to stay in the path of failure for a decade and countin
  5. Lol, I already posted about it in another thread. Pure folly. Let me just say some organizations never seem to learn.
  6. Now Russo tweets the Wild are anxious, again, to hire him BACK!
  7. When you've had the taste of being THE Boss and dictating things, how can give up on that... you can't, it's in your blood. And Suter with a NMC... Goddamn, what are those clowns doing in Dallas. They sign and seal the deal with the same clause that was the very reason player was bought out to begin with?!
  8. This kid seems to have everything. Well, maybe a bit undersized and not tough enough but his skillset, shot, skating, team-first-attitude, vision, assertive with the puck... Carolina's franchise player for the next 10 years? Any Canes fans in here, what do you think?
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