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  1. Looks like MAF wanted to prove a point this season? He's playing lights out.
  2. The referees are idjits. Kucherov getting called for interference when shoved to Driedger from close range. More likely they should've awarded a penalty shot. WTF...
  3. Congratulations Wild - an amazing result! Record for hits, stupendous games from Talbot... Parise out. Word: finally. Another word: let him continue to feel cosy in the stands.
  4. Yeah but you can believe the shots were 19-5 against. Talbot's jock straps will be helluva sweaty until the fat gender neutral whatever has sung.
  5. Evason is a moron. He's handled the goalie situation badly. First he cemented Kahkonen in the bench when he was red hot. Now after a good period Talbot is back to his old sieve self when he clearly should not have been taking this many starts. Sorry but the Wild will exit the 1st round with no explanations needed. When you're phucked up in the net, the whole team will be phucked up in the playoffs.
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