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  1. December 12, 2018 AWAY HOME Vegas 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Pittsburgh 4 Chicago 2 Philadelphia 3 Calgary 6 Dallas 4 Anaheim 3
  2. The last six games as a whole have been really disappointing. Hard to be enthusiastic about this either. Nice to see Kunin back although we'd be better off him replacing Nino, not Koivu. Our goalie situation... ugh. Hopefully Stalock starts and has a good game.
  3. December 11, 2018 AWAY HOME Vancouver 2 Columbus 4 Toronto 3 Carolina 2 Los Angeles 2 Buffalo 3 Arizona 2 Boston 3 Detroit 1 Washington 4 Chicago 3 Winnipeg 5 Florida 3 St. Louis 2 Montreal 4 Minnesota 5 Ottawa 2 Nashville 4 Edmonton 3 Colorado 5
  4. December 10, 2018 AWAY HOME Pittsburgh 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 Tampa Bay 5 Los Angeles 3 Detroit 2 New Jersey 2 San Jose 4
  5. December 9, 2018 AWAY HOME Vancouver 2 St. Louis 5 Philadelphia 2 Winnipeg 4 Boston 3 Ottawa 2 Montreal 4 Chicago 3 New Jersey 1 Anaheim 3 Calgary 3 Edmonton 4 Dallas 3 Vegas 4
  6. December 8, 2018 AWAY HOME Philadelphia 2 Buffalo 5 Vegas 2 Los Angeles 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 Florida 4 Washington 4 Columbus 3 Colorado 3 Tampa Bay 5 N.Y. Islanders 2 Detroit 4 Pittsburgh 4 Ottawa 5 Toronto 2 Boston 3 San Jose 3 Arizona 2 Nashville 4 Calgary 2
  7. This kind of performance (sh1t show) our goalies Dubnyk and Stalock produced against the Oilers kind of amplifies my point and fear: this season might be done and dusted if we don't have/use other alternatives. Dubnyk obviously is a wreck and yet BB lets him start way too often. He can't handle the minutes, we've seen this in the previous seasons. We can rightfully blame the team for not showing up enough but there were a couple of horrible goals both goalies allowed. While I'm writing this I notice that Kahkonen didn't have a particularly good game either, in fact his worst this season. Maybe Iowa too has been giving him too many starts? And yet, he has by far the best numbers in AHL. Well, a month from now and we'll probably know a lot more.
  8. @JR Ewing Fair enough! I have nothing against the Oils and since you've been swimming in the pool of poo for the last decade I actually like to see you guys progressing. But as always, I like to stir the pot and get something going in here. When mentioning "cat videos" I hope you're referring some Kate-Upton-in-tiny-clothes-dancing videos, otherwise don't look at me, pal.
  9. Yeah, what a wonderfully clean hit to let Wilson feel a moment of misery! Well deserved one, well done Reaves!! I think you could've posted this to another team's section though.
  10. Oh @JR Ewing, I notice you're browsing in here: You know I love you man and your very insightful posts which make this site much better but I'll be honest: gd I hope we beat the living thing out of your Oily boys!! We really could use a break and absolutely hammer down some opponent.
  11. Yeah, about the chemistry: Koivu and Parise have been together for ages but do they really have some special connection? Looks pretty average to me, might as well split them. 64-16-12 is our best line and the one who can create chances even 5 on 5. I wouldn't split them. A slight reservation on Staal since he's by far the slowest on that line but he has other tools to make up for it and do we have someone to replace him? Not many... Um, actually Granlund- Coyle-Zucker doesn't sound too bad, has that ever been tested more than 2 periods á la Yeo? Foligno's been better this than last season but as a center...? Or did you think Parise-Coyle-Foligno? I doubt that line could create much of offensive pressure, there'd be no puck distributor.
  12. A well written preview and good analysis of the goalie situation in both teams! Yeah, I fear too we see a scrambling Dubnyk and even bigger and inexperienced Koskinen stealing the show. Stopping Mac and Drai obviously isn't easy but that's pretty much all the Wild has as it's agenda tonight if wanting to win. Some people say we have the best Wild roster ever and some say our losses haven't resulted from poor effort. IDK... recent loss made me very skeptical of those remarks. Plus I'm about to start a thread of BB and resemblances between him and Yeo. Hint: use of the goalies, PP, unwillingness to bench a key player when clearly that player is seriously off.
  13. Two games wasn't enough. 100% intentional, only purpose was to hurt the opponent in a non-hockey related way. What a d-bag... And yeah, in that situation some of the Wings' players got some wings under their brains which flew out of the arena... so if someone didn't understand, I agree with rotten.

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