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  1. Dont stop believing is a great song. I teach that song to a lot of my students. Our junior team the Calgary Hitmen always plays that song when they get into the playoffs.
  2. The good ol hockey game and Cotton Eye Joe are classics at hockey games.
  3. What are your favorite 'Hockey Songs' when you hear them at a game? What songs do you think should be played at hockey games?
  4. We know now that Price, Jones and Fowler are staying with their current teams.
  5. I'm  curious on who is your favorite team in baseball?

    1. FriendlyGuitarist


      I'm a big Blue Jays fan. I follow the Mariners a little bit too as I live out in Western Canada. Who is yours?

    2. notfondajane


      Los Angeles Dodgers fan since September 1972! They, at that time were arch rivals of the Cincinnati Reds who had won the NLCS in '72 on a wild pitch thrown by Bob Moose!

      I'd root for the Chicago White Sox if the American League would get rid of the designated hitter! 

  6. Happy birthday a little late!

  7. I never noticed that too until now! Wow, good find!
  8. Yup. They are going to be a fun team for sure with that young core.
  9. Where is your favorite place to sit when you go to a hockey game? For me I love to sit in the second level close to center ice. You can see everything perfectly from that view!
  10. I think 75M is a fair deal for all teams and the smaller market teams can still reach it. Anything above $75M I think is too much for the NHL and it would just turn back to the old days where only the rich teams could afford the super stars.
  11. I am actually not sure what I would do with it. Maybe just keep it at home and put it on display? I know, Lame
  12. Sakic needs to get his head out of his bubble. No way is he going to get what he wants for Duchene. Especially after how he played last season. This is why Duchene is going to remain an Avalanche until Sakic can realize he needs to sell Duchene for a lot less which I doubt is going to happen.
  13. He struggled a lot in Ottawa and he admitted that he was losing his passion for hockey while playing in Ottawa. He got real excited when he was traded to the Flames and so far he's performed pretty well in the limited action he has played. He is still young and has so much potential so I'm going to be patient with him and hope he can turn his game around and play at the level he is capable of playing.

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