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  1. Is he really going to join the Panthers though? I mean, he went from Ottawa to the Panthers.
  2. We are definitely on the same boat here. Not really a flyers fan but I'm really curious to see what they do.
  3. Ok. This is awkward. Hahaha. I misunderstood your answer. I'm still getting a hang of this forum.
  4. This is interesting, but I really don't think that they are that good.
  5. Now who the heck is that? LOL. Anyway, I heard it from some of my colleagues and I really find it weird. Are you saying that the team itself is worse? hahahaa
  6. According to some people I know, Vegas fans are notoriously toxic and I think it is one of the main reasons why people hate the team. They told me that most of them make hockey look bad.
  7. Are there good Q and A sites like quora where I could gather a lot of information and updates for hockey?
  8. Anyone of these four would be great. Brock Boeser Chris Tanev Alex Edler Bo Horvat
  9. In the early days of hockey, a patty of frozen cow dung was used as a puck.
  10. Is this even considered a hockey match? hahahaha.
  11. I'm looking for the best website for recent updates when it comes to hockey...Can someone help me?
  12. Did I ever cheer for the Nordiques? I was a toddler when they moved to Denver so nope. hahahah Avalanche is cool though. Is it possible to go back to cheering for a Quebec NHL team, should that ever happen? Probably not. It depends.
  13. Hahahha. It's not that weird. I'm originally from Quebec so it probably makes sense I guess?
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