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  1. The only thing he could do was run in a straight line...
  2. Some teams are grittier than other teams, but I think the Wilds effort is pretty much on par with most of the league. They're just not that good. You must be a glutton for punishment--how can you cheer for a team that I have never heard you say one positive thing about? You would whine about the Zamboni driver...
  3. I didn't realize they get a ping pong ball or 2(or however the NHL does it) in order to move up in the draft if they don't make the playoffs.
  4. After the multiple moves Fenton has made, IMO he hasn't been delusional regarding the Wilds roster. He may be about the players(Fiala) he drafted while at Nashville, however. Not sure if picking what, 16th or 18th or 20th(somewhere in there) matters at all. Either way they'll have to do their homework in order to find a very good player with this pick.
  5. I'm sure your right about that--I'd forgotten how long he played for Toronto.
  6. I have to say in Suter's defense that his point totals and other stats are on par with every other year he's been in the league. From that standpoint he has been remarkably consistent. His numbers have actually increased some since coming to the Wild.
  7. Liepold owned Nashville when they drafted Suter(not sure if Fenton was there yet). So they go way back. I've heard the Suters have been seen out dining with the Liepolds--not that there's anything wrong with that...
  8. Nah, I think you may have caught a glimpse of it from your man Carter.
  9. He started 31 out of 38 games this season. Set the rodents all-time save percentage record for a career--albeit a short one.
  10. Wasn't referring to the draft. Obviously those are prospects. Who is excited? I just stated Robson was a decent prospect.
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