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  1. If you want to include a cheapshot on the team you could possibly include Matt Cooke.
  2. I guess his reported bad attitude when getting sent down to Iowa for their playoffs last year wasn't too bad...
  3. Zuccarello is not actually on the decline--his points per game has been consistent since his 3rd year or so. Nothing wrong with him as a player IMO, I like him a lot actually. The problem is that the Wild signed him for too many years considering his age and the almost inevitable decline in production that for most players begins at about 30 or so.. To the Wilds defense he hasn't shone that decline yet, and he's got less than 10 years in the NHL, so he may be one of those guys that continues to produce at an advanced age. Even so... The real killers are the NMC and partial no-trade in years 4-5. You just can't keep giving these clauses to older players. If it was necessary to do in order to sign him--then DON'T sign him.
  4. Isn't that exactly what Philly are trying to do now?
  5. And this doesn't even include the #9(wears the "C") dynamic that exists in the lockerroom. What a "CF"!
  6. You got that right! I do hope MG does better this year in Nashville--I think him getting traded really bothered him and affected his game.
  7. I hadn't looked up all of Fiala's stats until now for some reason, but at no point in his minor or professional career has he been a particularly high goal scorer or assist man. I'm convinced with Fiala it's what you see is what you'll get. I guess if we don't expect more out of him than that, and can sign him pretty cheap, he's a seviceable NHL player as a 3rd or 4th liner.
  8. Disagree about one thing--Boudreau and Molitor, both of the older generation, were not the issue with the Wild or the Twins. Nothing wrong with coaches/managers preferring veteran players, most of them do it--and for good reason.
  9. And to your point I assume all of these prospects have been playing for most of their lives, so you'd think they would have had any issues worked out by now. Seems like there is somewhat of a disconnect between what players think vs what scouts think.
  10. After reading dozens of scouting reports on a variety of players, in my estimation there are over half reported to have some type of skating issue. Seems like a lot to me. I'm not sure if the standard of a "good/strong skater" is very well defined or what.
  11. Fenton is getting better(green). At least they weren't dashed after the first pick.
  12. Krebs does look good. He definitely would have been picked higher had it not been for his sliced achilles.
  13. Agree 100%. I think they probably should have drafted a center here as well, but in no way does that influence my opinion of Boldy as a prospect.
  14. I've read a ton about this guy and some scouts say skating is not his strong suit. But never to the point that it will hold him back, so to speak. I've also read some scouts saying he is a strong skater, and some not bringing up his skating at all. He's not slow. For me, he passes they eye test.
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