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  1. A first and a second for those guys. White played 19 games with the Wild and never played again. IMO it was GMCF's worst deal.
  2. Agreed to a point. But Hanzal only played on one line, the whole team basically had a meltdown.
  3. Definitely. But its not where it should be--although I should know better by now not to expect too much from CC. He is what he is.
  4. I'm at the age where my short term memory is crap, I'll admit. But my long term memory is fine.
  5. Coyle certainly hasn't been making the glaring mistakes Nino has been, which have contributed to Nino being -4 so far this year. Which is really poor considering how the Wild have been playing. Coyle, on the other hand, I think is a plus 5. Some of Nino's and Coyle's +/- stats may have been affected by who they were playing with as well, but I don't think much. True, although Haula wasn't going to see consistent playing time on any of the Wilds top three lines at the time the Wild left him unprotected in the expansion draft--he was still a ways down on the depth chart. The Wild didn't feel they had a regular spot for him where he could get consistent minutes. IMO he was a victim of circumstance more than anything. He did have a breakout year last year with Vegas, and it may have been the Wilds fault for not seeing that as a possibility while he was here. Although his production has declined significantly(especially goal scoring) so far this season.
  6. I don't think thats correct. Nino and Coyle have pretty much been on identical paths productionwise the past 5 years, even last year when both were injured. Nino is a minus player so far this year but even with his bad start has only one less point than CC.
  7. Coffey and Jagr played for 9. Coffey was a surprise for me. I think that is the most.
  8. You're forgetting your head coach. Who I believe is an HOFer.
  9. What he's contributing doesn't add up to $3.75M.
  10. I don't recall anybody saying much of anything about Parise when he returned--the majority of folks had a hopeful "wait and see attitude" about him coming back.
  11. Lest we forget the other Coyote we got with Hanzal--Ryan White--played here 19 games and never played another game in the NHL.
  12. What?? I wasn't talking about last year--anybody who knows how to read would have known that.
  13. Would we be better? Not necessarily if its at the expense of other players who are currently doing well. I certainly wouldn't want to lose the momentum the Wild has right now worrying too much about Coyle and Nino. I realize in order to have any success in the playoffs you have to have production from these two, but since they are winning right now, don't mess with the line combo's trying to get them going. For now keep doing what you're doing and let whatever the issue is work itself out. Besides, I don't believe that BB putting Coyle or Nino in what he would consider a situation that may jump start them will have any affect, anyway. Especially Coyle. Been there--done that. I remember toward the end of the season 2 years ago the Wild went into a tailspin the last 3 weeks of the season after being nearly at the top of the league the rest of the year. The Wild were still winning late that year but had recently given up a lot of goals while doing so. BB made a couple of comments about how they needed to shore that up before the playoffs started. Well', whatever they did (I could never figure it out because suddenly the team started having multiple issues) killed their momentum and they never got it back for the rest of the year.
  14. Either way, the NHL isn't very interested in getting rid of these types of hits. That's my biggest concern, anyway, players getting concussed from unnecessary hits to the head. I've really got nothing against Malkin. Anyway, have a good one.

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