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  1. If y'all get a chance check out Russo's latest interview with Fenton(about what his plans for the Wild may be in the near future) on The Athletic's website earlier this week. He pretty much blows Russo's questions off, giving no real answers. Fenton's a real piece of work....
  2. And for the most part saw Getzlaff eating Hanzal's lunch. BB didn't think all that highly of Hanzal.
  3. Actually BB was coach when that happened. But IMO that was not BB's decision--that came from GMCF.
  4. I don't care what anybody said about the Zucker for Frolik and a pick trade, no way this was ever going to happen(unless the pick was a first rounder), and it didn't. Not a GM in the league would be dumb enough to make this deal, not even GMPF. Wait a minute, he is the smartest guy in the room...
  5. You are correct IMO. More of the same around here if CL owns the club. Do you recall what kind of condition he left Nashville in?
  6. I heard a poster at the Athletic web site using this term for any situation where GMPF makes a dumb move and then thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. I thought it was pretty good.
  7. Falloff in production from key players. Average goaltending. Poor home record. Not enough talent. Not enough grit. Lack of 5 on 5 production. Injuries. Poor line combinations. Improved play from division rivals. Aging veterans. I think lack of effort affects all teams and players at one time or another throughout the season, but IMO it is not the main reason the Wild missed the playoffs.
  8. Lack of effort--bulls***--that's way too easy of an explanation. Lack of effort was way down on the list of reasons why the Wild missed the playoffs.
  9. There was more to that situation than just a broad look at stats. Keumper was extremely inconsistent from start to start--that doesn't show up in overall save % or GAA.. He had a GAA of 3.13 and a save % of .902 the season we let him go. And he had an attitude problem. It was NOT a head scratcher when the decision was made--he's obviously grown up since then.
  10. Many? Every team misses on a player or 2. Tradewise I can think of Nino. We didn't give him the same chance Carolina could because we didn't have a player as good as Aho to put him with, which is why he is playing with more confidence(or is he playing the same way he was here except with Aho he's just getting setup more often).
  11. Lackadaisical effort? You've got to be kidding me. Recently shutting out TB and beating SC champ Wash in their own buildings? Desparation/frustration can manifest themselves into appearing to be a lack of effort.
  12. Because when we trade for a player or sign a free agent, they are usually close to or past their prime and their level of play declines because of wear and tear, age etc. But I don't recall the NHL ever being littered with a bunch of ex-Wild players who are having great seasons elsewhere after spending time with the Wild. Kuemper was a young player new to the NHL while with the Wild who it appears finally grew up--he's a decent goalie but he's not exactly going to contend for the Vezina.
  13. I'm not a good enough typist to give the specifics regarding the goaltender situation then(would take me too long to post), but It wasn't a head scratcher at the time. Besides, that was CF's move--it's water under the bridge now...
  14. Wild management never put trust in Kuemper because his play never gave them reason to think they could. He was a bit of a headcase as well if I remember correctly, had a few really bad outings.
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