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  1. Historically...the past 4 years or so...this whole West coast swing has been dreadful for the Flyers. This is the 1st of 6 games on this trip. Hoping for 3 wins...expecting 1 or 2. Plus Hart not as effective on the road as home...it is a learning process.
  2. Thanks for trying...fell asleep early...thankfully. Smelled this stinker coming...4-0 is not far off from 6-1...sadly enough.
  3. Once the game starts, if somebody could post a link/feed, I would be forever grateful.
  4. You can kinda see the writing on the wall for Stevie Y's Red Wings. Should they continue to stink (and I cant see why they wouldn't...just keeping the defence and Howard/Bernier in place guarantees it) they will get a top 3 or 4 pick. This means the LOOONG wait for a star center is over Lafrenaire or Byfield) or the LOOOONG wait for a respectable goalie is over (Askarov, assuming he goes top 5 like some scouts theorize).
  5. 1)Merry Christmas and a Hapoy New Year! 2)You have gifted this kid extra elite stardom...I'm quite sure he is counting his blessings.
  6. Hate to tell you this...but the young 20 year old defender Jokiarihu has some upside. Has 14 pts and 41 hits in 38 games. He can skate although the overall game is a work in progress. Has upside as a 2nd pp qb...and has shown some offensive flair st times. He is 20...has never played a full season and is on a steep learning curve. Could make a decent 2nd pairing guy in a few years.
  7. Not a fluke either. The kid did it in league play, earlier in the year also.
  8. In my very best Jerenette voice... LA LA LA freniere!! Byfield and Drysdale kinda quiet in the first game but WOW did that kid look special!
  9. Has Bobby Brinks skating improved or something? Not seeing the skating issues that were alluded to before the last draft. Kind of an odd choppy stride but not out of place speed wise. Almost another pp assist for Bobby but time had thankfully run out. Edit..another pp assist for Brink. Really impressed by his vision and hockey sense. He does have a slow first step when standing still on the half wall on the pp...but if he keeps his feet moving, no problems at all...and actually looked fast at times. Looking like a 2nd round steal...kid has a nose for the net and a nice passer.
  10. Ummm...something tells be Kevin Bahl was not just a throw in for the Hall trade. Sweet board bank pass to start the 1st Canada goal! That kid can move for 6'7 and 240!
  11. Did not hear Yorks name once in the 1st? A healthy scratch or 7th d man? Thought he might be on the 2nd pp unit...but that team IS loaded. Might be a case of grooming him for next year...aka getting the feet wet. Betting injury gets him on the ice at some point.
  12. Ugggg lazy penalty by Hayton. Bobby Brink on the top USA pp I see. Think he got a secondary assist on that pp goal. My first look at him.
  13. I have watched hundreds of coachs corners over the years. This whole thing has been rough on me. Miss him a lot...and yeah..the panel replacing him SUCKS!!
  14. Dont feel this one. Like many young goalies, Hart better at home than on the road. 4-0 Sharks.
  15. This whole story came to life for one reason...so JR could stroke his huge ego. Just so everyone knows..Tappen came out today and said JR was still her friend but his comments were off base and unwanted.
  16. What a snipe! If he turns out to be legit the Flyers will have serious depth once healthy.
  17. Bottom line...when you sign up to work for an entity like NBC...you have a lengthy orientation day with the HR dept. These rules are explained ad nauseam...then you sign on the dotted line that you fully understand what has been spelled out for you. That is the way the world works now...like it or not.
  18. It's not a written law...but rather a generally accepted cultural shift towards political correctness...AND sexual stuff is at the top of the PC ladder. Most companies have re-written their codes of conduct to cover their asses in this silly environment. The hot word of the day is harassment. The person being mentioned need not be offended...as long as the language makes someone else feel uncomfortable. This type of language is applicable at my work...you can double damn be sure it is covered in the corporate world.
  19. My employers made it clear to all of us...posts on social media involving co workers that are deemed unwise or derogatory can subject us to discipline and or termination. Podcasts are like social media posts...I would imagine the same rules apply to JR.
  20. Oh...wait...just re-read the story...he made the comments on a podcast...which does change the dynamic a bit. Still cant make sexual references about co workers in a public forum though.
  21. JR is on the air...nationwide on a NBC show in a NBC jacket...thus representing the network...how could he not be?
  22. I agree with you in principal...political correctness is out of control...having said that...prob not wise to include your co worker in a 3 way sex ring dream while on the air...lol.
  23. LOL @ JR...Praised Patrick Sharp for being "beautiful" and added he would not say no right away if Sharp asked him for sex....wtf...lmao!
  24. Sell off Helm and Abdelpooper for a bag of roasted peanuts. I know Helm has not been bad...but his spot can be taken by a kid with actual upside. Even a 7th rounder would be nice. Ditto for Ericksson and any other Wing over 35...lol.

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