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  1. Utah NBA player tests positive...and the NBA correctly calls the season over. NHL will be forced to follow suit, cause if they dont cancel and a player gets sick or dies...massive lawsuit...just the way I see it.
  2. Solid points. The most important factor is dependable goaltending...then I think it moves to catching lightning in a bottle, like the Canes and Cam Ward did. They might win the cup 1 out of 20 replays...it just all fell in place...almost like fate prodded on by tenacity...lol.
  3. I usually hate Leaf fans. You are a rare exception. I commend you for keeping it real!
  4. Ghost for Domi plz! Would guarantee a visit from Max and Tie (my roommate is Tie's first cousin).
  5. I know 7 mill looks and sounds like a lot, but in just a few years it will look like a bargain....even if he regresses a bit, he will always play with fire and enthusiasm. Should always be respectable on the pk..that is huge in today's NHL. Special teams make or break you. Guess what I'm trying to say is the price for a solid 3rd line C who is a pk ace will exceed 7 mill before this deal is half done. Remember, just a decade ago superstars were signing for 5 mill...now its 11 or so.
  6. Interesting thought. Perhaps they prolonged the headache thing cause the core muscle injury occured again? Doubtful, but opponents would target his midsection if they knew....hmmmm.
  7. Well that was my concern, the injury time missed coupled with s possible career ending injury. I'm sure the Flyers did their due diligence, but when there is smoke, fire usually follows...even though the headache thing is brand new.
  8. Did you MISS the part where I said Nolan was ranked a solid second and there was no mistake made?? Myself, I had concerns about health as did others. If he had core muscle surgery it very well could have ended his career. He had the exact type of injury that ended Renbergs career. That was the big one, but he had other jr injuries as well. He played his whole last jr year between 60% and 75%...this is not cause for concern?? I can't cut and paste on my phone...but Google Nolan Patrick injury history career and see for yourself?
  9. Root for the Flyers to make the playoffs and get swept in the first round OR root for a high draft pick and get the last non playoff pick...sad but realistic outcomes.
  10. These things hardly ever work out. When a player comes in with injury concerns its usually always a concern.
  11. Retrospect of course but Cale Makar or Elias Petterson would have looked mighty nice in a Flers uni. Picked just a few picks later. Nolan was ranked a solid second...so no mistake really made EXCEPT Patrick came with numerous injury concerns from his days in jr. Maybe you take a sure thing when picking that high?
  12. The sarcasm detector is working..lol. Pleasantly surprised by Hayes. He's a glue guy that makes the team much tougher to play against. Seems like the kinda guy who would step it up in the playoffs. Dont know why the Jets benched him in the post season last year, but their loss . Poor use of a player and pro scouting on the Jets part. Play Little before Hayes...not in my section of the world!
  13. Really nice article. Agree with all of that and you provided the facts to back up your theory. I usually am against labeling a kid a bust before turning pro...but the old lack of speed thing is a killer in today's NHL. I would guess around 80% of the kids who are drafted with the dreaded "lack of speed" label turn out to be busts. I frown on my Flyers drafting anyone who cant skate ...especially in the first round!! I can site 3 recent Flyer picks who were drafted with sub par wheels. 1) Steve Downie. Tore up the OHL...but not fast...instead we heard all the Boldy stuff...hockey sense, passing, shot, hustle...etc etc. He never scored at the rate a high first rounder should have...and he could never keep up. I believe you are either born with good wheels or you are not. There are some guys that work their tails off and become average skaters...few and far between ...like #2... 2) Sean Couturier. Demolished the QMJHL in pts and goal totals. Scored 60 in his last year. He really struggled his first 3 years, but mastered defense first and is currently one of the top 5 two way centers in the whole league. Hard work and determination made him a plus player. It can happen, but it is rare. As a rule, you should never take this type of player in the top half of the first round. It is a skaters league first and foremost. Let someone else take the gamble I say. 3) Bobby Brink. After hearing he was fairly slow, I was pleasantly surprised by his play for Team USA at the World Jrs. Turns out he can keep up but his first few steps are lacking. This is the kind of flaw that can be worked on and improved. It's not like having a lack of burst and a sub stride, those are usually a kiss of death. The Flyers got Bobby st the top of the 2nd round though...THAT is where you take those kinda shots. Kids in the 2nd are gonna have some kinds of warts...par for the course. I agree with your theory...real good chance Boldy is s bust. A big clue is a high first round pick not making the National Jr team. That rarely happens and is cause for alarm in my books.
  14. Letang when younger and not injured every few months. Riley has had one big year, and chokes in the playoffs.
  15. I feel the exact same way. No way am I going to have my life in the hands of a single motor...ditto for single motor planes like the Cesena. I know people can quote stats on helicopters being a safer mode of transportation than a Greyhound bus...but this just does not pass the common sense sniff test. Back in 1991 a bunch of us went to see Eric Clapton. The back up band was Stevie Ray Vaughn. He was skipping dates ...so Stevie did Carolina the night before, but skipped Detroit. In route from Carolina to Chicago ( to catch up with the next gig on the tour) his helicopter went down and he tragically passed. Been anti helicopter after that nightmare.
  16. I dont buy it...he might be the worst d man on that team..offense, defense or anything else.
  17. Any stat that has Ceci as TOs best defensemen is totally flawed. The eye test says he is a below average d man and I believe they will have trouble literally giving him away at the deadline.
  18. It is a sad day. He was never shy about his love for the Eagles, which I always admired. Guess you win the most famous from your high school debate 99.9% of the time. Al Arbour went to my high school...was actually locker partners with my Uncle Dan.
  19. The more I think about it...the more I think a blockbuster with the Rangers might be coming. One thing you never hear mentioned, but IS looming large ...Anderson is UFA after the 20/21 season. A ways off...but the cap hell will be no better...how are they gonna afford 8 or 9 mill for him...answer...Georgiev...lol.
  20. Ahhh...my memory failed me. Kinda why you could hear a pin drop, huh?
  21. Word is his KHL team is offering him large money to stay in Russia. NHL has a strict entry level contract so dont know how they would get around that...bonus? But cap on that also..no?
  22. First of all...Leaky Leighton never moved on that shot and it was no heat seaking missile! Was not obstructed from what I remember...any decent goalie gets something on that shot to deflect it!! Scary to think but if Leighton wins that game and game 7 back in Philly...he probably signs s 8 year deal...lol Second...my Uncle Dan (RIP) met Stickle in a bar and bought a round for him...Hab fan so was not pissed BUT he did say my nephew ....who is a Flyers fan says "you suck donkey balls"!! So I got an indirect shot in. ..LOL! .
  23. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Thoughts and prayers.

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