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The Sabres gained a much needed win in the race for 8th against the Boston Bruins in fact the Sabres didnt just gain a win they also blew out the Bruins 6-0!.

The big bad pesky tough 1st in the divison and 2nd in the conference Bruins were pushed around by the lowly finally able to find their game 12th place Sabres, who are making a big push lately since coming out of the All Star Break.

The Sabres are now 4-0-1 in their past 5 games their longest point streak since ending last season on a 5-0-1 run. They also extended their home point streak to 5-0-5, their longest streak since going 9-0-3 from Dec. 9/09 to Jan. 29/10. Buffalo hasn’t lost a home game in regulation since December 10. It was also Buffalo’s largest margin of victory this season, and just the second time they’ve scored six goals in a game.

This game demonstrated what should of been demonstrated way back when Miller was run by Lucic, the Bruins were frustrated and angry after every goal and hit the Sabres made. The Bruins weren't the rough and tough team that out hit and out tough the Sabres in almost every game and they were frustrated.

A notable example is on the 6-0 goal when Ennis deked Thomas out of his jock strap and fed a sweet pass across the paint for a wide open net tap in for Stafford in the final minute, Seguin slammed the bench door in disgust.

Kaleta almost had a Gordie Howe hattrick to boot getting into a fight and scoring a nice goal through the wickets of (Mcquaid?) and then sneaks short side under the pad of Thomas for his 5th of the season.Thomas could snub the White House but he could not snub the Sabres.

PK36 had a good post game quote: "It’s huge. It shows we’re ready to play and we’re not going to get pushed over,” said Kaleta. “The past little while, our mentality has been going in there and getting the battles done and going out and competing. I thought we did a great job of that tonight.”

Interesting games to watch tomorrow night: Nashville vs Ottawa, (Return of the Fisher) Islanders vs Canadiens, Winnipeg vs Washington, and Lightling vs Rangers..

As the Sabres get tomorrow off to prepare for their next game against the Dallas Stars we lie in wait for the conclusion of these games to see if the Sabres stay or go down in the standings these are the standings 8-15 .

8) Ottawa 61

9) Florida 59

10) Winnipeg 56

11) Islanders 52

12) Sabres 52

13) Lightning 51

14) Canadiens 51

15) Hurricanes 49

ANYTHING can happen just ask Florida, a 4-0 loss to the Capitals drove them from division leaders and in the playoffs to behind playoff lines.

SO can the Sabres still do it? Who wins the games tomorrow? Where will the Sabres be by nights end?

Quotes and stats courtesy of Sabres.Nhl.Com


Do You Believe?

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ANYTHING can happen just ask Florida, a 4-0 loss to the Capitals drove them from division leaders and in the playoffs to behind playoff lines.

The fact that this can happen is absurd. The NHL needs to do away with this rule. Base it on points and thats it.

It was a good win for the Sabres and their fans. It gets everyone's hopes up that the playoffs, although they still a very steep hill to climb, they are within reach.

However looking at the teams currently #1-8, in a 7 game series, I'm not sure how many teams the Sabres could beat.

I know the old adage "Just get in and anything is possible" but ..... here's my guesses on winning a 1st series matchup

Rangers - No chance

Bruins - No chance

Caps - maybe 30-40%?

Flyers - 25% ?

Devils - 25-35% ?

They aren't going to catch the Bruins so #1-3 is out

Not any easy 5 games coming up - Stars, Lightning, Devils, Flyers, Habs - all of which are in the playoffs or are fighting for the PO's just like Buffalo.

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I thought this was going to be a post about Ruxpin. :P

Hey welcome canadiian sabers,

I think the road for the Sabers to make the playoffs this year is going to be difficult. Not impossibe, but difficult.

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