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"treating injury"

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"In fact, Brassard had 11 points in 16 games before leaving game 17 in the first period. He returned a few weeks later, played in one single game and re-injured himself, missed a month, returned to play in another single game and re-injure himself, and then missed another month. If anything, Brassard’s season is another piece of anecdotal evidence in the much-needed referendum on the Flyers training staff and the amount of injuries, the length of time missed, and the amount of re-injuries they’ve seen in the past few seasons."


If this doesn't exemplify the Flyers' determination to put unfit players back on the ice, what does?




Also, too, this was a completely needless time to "play yourself" back into the lineup.


I get the concept of wanting to help the team. But if staying out 3-4 more weeks means you don't miss effectively the rest of the season. Do that.


And I obviously get the the Flyers' "medical staff" cleared the player.


How's that working out for the organization*?




This is what happens when you're "competing for a Stanley Cup" every year and have won one round of playoffs in a decade.

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