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Jack Eichel and the Golden Knights in Buffalo tonight

Buffalo Rick

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They have made a big deal of this game in Buffalo have the announcers and such.  I doubt it means much to the Sabres players other than getting back in the win column after a bad performance  vs the pesky Coyotes, who got stellar play from their goalie. The Tampa game was one they should have gotten at least a point in and if Dahlin were in the lineup they would have.  Stupid play by defenseman with 3 minutes left.  If we had a franchise goalie that would have been a win. Comrie has played very well in spurts, but he let in a stinker with 3 minutes left

Vegas is off to a great start.  I think they have the best record in the NHL along with the Devils. I am really surprised the Devil have done so well.  Ruff was probably  day near getting fired and then it was like a rocket taking off the way the Devils have played of late. I just cant see it continuing at this pace.  Ill take Calgary tonight please.   And Ill take the Sabres to play very well.  Will it be enough?  Might depend on the goaltending which i have zero faith in.  I have no clue why Luukenen has not gotten the call yet.  He has been good in Rochester. Good enough to get his shot.  If not, go make a damn trade and Ill tell you who to trade.  COZENS.  TRADE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!  He is a bum.  He has killed us with giveaways, stupid penalties and last game he kicked the game winner into his own net, and the Sabres could never recover from his stupid mistake.   

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