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Kracken quietly winning

Buffalo Rick

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3 hours ago, Hockey Junkie said:

They don’t get much press or credit but Seattle is on the NHL map.  Maybe teams take them lightly?  Maybe a little .  But they are in the playoff race.


Yeah, good to see.  It helps slightly that outside of the Golden Knights, the Pacific Division is terrible.   "Slightly," because they still have to play other divisions and are holding their own for the most part.  Clearly, they're not a pushover.  And you're right, they're doing it very quietly, without the Vegaas fanfare.


Not to make this about the Flyers, but what would it say that in their second year of existence, Hakstol took this fairly average looking roster and took them to the playoffs?   Um...maybe the problem in Philly was never about coaching (Craig Berube says "Hello").




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1 hour ago, yave1964 said:

I think they may hang around the division because as @ruxpinmentioned the division is mediocre. I still think Vegas, Edmonton, Calgary and the Kings are all better but they are very improved


Yeap, by far the weakest division of the League. Vegas surprises me, I was putting them more in contention of a WC spot and I wasn't sure about Eichel and Thompson. On the other side, I didn't expect Anaheim to be that bad, especially on the defense and goaltending side. Seattle is riding under the radar but Jones is currently overperforming. They will remain in the play-off picture but they should cool down a bit while Calgary and Edmonton will finally switch on their cruise control.

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