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Seattle blanks Boston! Any believers yet?

Buffalo Rick

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The biggest name I see in this lineup is Swartz.  The former Blues star.  He was a big loss for the Blues along with Pietrangelo.  This Kracken team is on fire.   The game at Buffalo was a fight to the finish and I believe with Luukenen we would have had better results. But they swept their East coast trip and beating Boston 3-0, is a very good result. They have everything going for them, true they are not going to light you up with 50 shots. But they are hot and look like they are going to make the playoffs.  They have to be very happy in Seattle. 

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I'm still not 100% sold on that Kraken team but Seattle has shown quite a improvement outside the spotlights. No superstars in this team but the Kraken is well constructed and greatly gelled together. I'm especially surprised by their very strong D corps: Dunn has a terrific breakout year, Schultz is still a reliable multi-fonction Dman, Larsson and Oleksiak are big and strong bodies (hated to see Jamie go for nothing in the expansion draft), they are very difficult to manoeuver.


The Flames and Oilers are still a threat if both Alberta teams can finally arrage their pieces right and find their pace but it's gonna be a tight fight for a play-off spot. Another question is if Jones can hold this overperforming rhythm so far. On the front office, the strategy to capitalize on picks might work out.


One bad point though, the managment of Shane Wright. Letting him on the big teams while playing only 5 minutes here and there was completely dumb. Either you give him a pass and play him significant minutes or you send him in the Juniors. He was already short in competition and that didn't serve both the Kraken and him.

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