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Matt Read for 900K!

Guest OccamsRazor

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For 2 more years...what a move by Homer...

...netted 24 goals so far....

...is there a better bargain in the NHL this year????

Maybe even the last decade?

Seems like it would be highway robbery to let this kid play for just 900K for the next 2 years, so sometime next year i would expect some kind of extension to keep him in the fold for years to come and yet also to reward him at the same time.

Any hoo...what say you???????????

Man can't wait for these playoffs to start.....Go Flyers!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope that his contract is at the very least, incentive laden. IE you score more than 25 goals your salary doubles? He has certainly earned a better wage than he is currently playing for. Kudos to him for also not whining about not being paid what he is worth like certain other pro athletes are prone to....

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That's a great deal for the Flyers. I would let him play next year and see what happens. If he plays like he did

this year again I would seriously consider giving him a nice extension. jmo...

Absolutely no need to rush out, but if he proves to be the REAL deal like i have seen so far, it's a must...

...if for no other reason to show other college prospects that "hey sign with the Flyers and they will give you every chance to rise to the top and get REWARDED for it."

Just sends a great message around the league. Who knew??? But Read speed is really, really impressive. Would be a great foot race with him going agaist Welly....but i think Welly maybe the fastest in the ENTIRE league...Grabner is a close race too.

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