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Marcus Hayes article

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Was game 4 the first flyers game Marcus watched this year ?


Our guys have owned that team this year, the flyers have beaten their full quiver 6 of the 8 games played, missing our half of our top 4 defense no less. you read this article and think the Flyers are lucky to even be on the ice with the Pens.


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Well, I'd say they're lucky the Pens fell apart for for 4 periods beginning with the 3rd period of game 2. Granted alot of that falling apart was due to the Flyboys bottling up their top 2 scorers, and a relentless attack the Pens couldn't find a way to handle for long stretches. But after game 3 someone said they can't remember a 3-0 series that had been so cumulatively even, and I don't necessarily disagree with that. Game 4 was an epic blown opportunity and now Uncle Mo suddenly switched sides - the Pens will have 2 guys back from suspension tonight, Flower may have found a little mojo, Frankenstein and Crysby were finally factors in game 4.....Bryz obviously hurting and who knows about Grossman....lose tonight and the Flyboys are cetifiably in trouble. That may sound alarmist, but this Pens team is capable of doing the unthinkable

Edit: as far as Marcus, he's not a hockey guy, he should stick to writing about the eagles

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reading the comments were pretty much what I expect from that site. The bridge jumpers, the trolls, the overly optimistic.

The last comment was the best. Paraphrasing of course "We won't get past the Rangers so what does it matter anyway?" Every other match up in the East is tied.

What if the Rangers lose? The poster on philly.com never thought of that. What if Boston loses? Again they never mentioned that either. I think we will see an interesting 2nd round should none of the top 3 make it to the 2nd round.

Big game tonight and a much needed win is needed.

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Some research beyond a week-old "bear" quote:

1) The top seed has never made it out of the East since the lockout

2) The Fyers have yet to lose a meaningful game in Pittsburgh's new building despite Bob, Bryz, porous D and the Pens having "last change"

3) The Pens had a high octance scoring offense - best in the league

4) The Flyers were #2

5) Phil Sheridan knows about hockey than Marcus Hayes

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I thought the Bruins series was pretty even, any of the first three games could have gone the flyers way in 2010 i have not felt that way about this series, game 1 was pretty even but at the end the flyers were the team controlling the tempo, games 2,3 and 4 by the end there has been only one team skating, granted game 4 was a monkey fing a football on our end. but that overlooks games 2 and 3 for them. the flyers have beaten that team even when that team plays crosby's full 60 minutes... don't believe the hype.

if we get decent goaltending the series ends tonight.

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