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Here's Claude Giroux scoring two points, singing 'Gangham Style' in Germany


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Oh, Claude. We miss you.

Some noble YouTuber in Germany put together a compilation highlight video of Claude Giroux's day on Sunday. G scored a goal and an assist in Eisbären Berlin's 7-1 triumph over Iserlohn Roosters. They scored all seven goals in a third-period explosion, started by Giroux's goal at the 1:32 mark.

Danny Briere also contributed, assisting on the seventh goal at the 17:15 mark of the period. But did Danny sing 'Gangham Style' while mic'd up during warmups? No, he did not.

Briere and Giroux aren't quite leading the league in points just yet, but they've combined for 21 of them in just four games. Briere has three goals and eight assists in his four games, while Giroux has three goals and seven assists. With two games this week, we'll expect that number to jump considerably.

Berlin is going to be so upset when this lockout ends.

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More impressive to me than Giroux is how much advertising they have squeezed into that arena..I thought the NHL is bad but it pales in comparrision. (look at those faceoff circles for goodness sakes). Bert already covered the adverts on the uniforms so I will let his post speak for itself.

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