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Dang Jets

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Well I stuck with the game to the end. Nice come back by the Flyers; but, came up short.

When the Jests were the Thrashers, I went to several games in Atlanta--and I must say I am happy for the Jets that they at least now have some real hockey fans. The Phillips Arena in Atlanta was a nice venue; but, the fans were dismal. It was a wonder the Thrashers played as well as they did. It was nice to see them play hockey in an arena where the fans support them. Cool uniforms too IMHO. I went to all Thrashers/Flyers games in Atlanta and Thrashers/Penguins games (my youngest son is a Pens fan--I have failed as a father). The Flyers and Pens fans always outnumbered the Thrasher fans by far.

Enough of the nice stuff... Dang those Jets... they have our number. Flyers just started out slow and the Jets had lots of energy. But, the Flyers did come back to make in 5-4 in the 3rd period before the "empty netter." BTW--anyone else think that empty netter was OFF SIDES besides me?! I did not have the game on DVR; but, I would really like to look at that. If anyone has the game DVRed, please go back to that play and let me know what you think. I could be wrong; but, of course the only game I don't DVR I want a re-look.

I actually never thought the Flyers were out of this game--final score was not in our favor; but, I did see some positve play from the Flyers. I think Pronger has really improved since the first part of the season and has his "head in the game." He's thinking things through and does get agressive in the neutral zone when he has the opportunity.

And, this Christmas, I want a Giroux jersey--he is awesome! One of the best stick handlers in the NHL. I love watching that guy play. He's the first player since John LeClair that has me wanting a new jersey.

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Don't have their lucky charm in Nitty anymore.

He owned that franchise.

He walked and they have owned us ever since.

While I agree, it is probably some Nitty curse, those turnovers leading to odd man rushes have to stop. The Flyers are essentially spotting teams two goals.

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Nitty sure did own them--even Boucher had a run against that franchise...

The odd man rushes are going to happen with aggressive play in the neutral zone--it's a "two-edged" sword. It killed the Flyers early on against the Jets; but, was the key to scoring chances late in the 2nd and 3rd period... As my son says, "It is what it is...."

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